Friday, January 1, 2010

Things to Splurge On- Beauty on a HIGH Budget

Dad: "You just love to spend money!"
Irene: "Sorry... My parent's never taught me the value of a dollar..."

If you've gone shopping with me, or seen my room, or seen my car... you know that I love to shop. 
My mother always tried to teach me to use money wisely~ Don't buy lots of cheap things. Invest your money on quality items.  She wore designer clothes, had Chanel and LouisVuitton bags, and used Estee Lauder and Shiseido makeup. However, she wore them forever and didn't go on crazy shopping sprees.  My father also never shops.  I don't know where they found me, 'cause I love to shop!

* In actuality... I don't like to spend money... I just like having lots of stuff. One of my biggest thrills in life is getting something for free, or getting something great at an amazing discount.  I am THE bargain shopper.
* For example... find someone who can get a pair of Dolce and Gabanna shorts for $25, a New with Tag Diane Von Furstenburg dress for $40,  and a pair of Christian Louboutains for $60.  Yes. I'm an awesome shopper.

Now I do spend a lot of money... but I RARELY buy things full price and don't usually spend a lot on one item.  Here are the things I AM willing to spend a lot of money on.

Creme de la Mer- This is the cream of the crop (haha).  One of the first "luxury" cremes. It is my favorite moisturizer for my dry skin.  You need only use the slightest amount and it lasts forever.  It is EXPENSIVE, but worth it. I'm on my third jar.  Give yourself the gift of good skin. You're worth it.  Just skip a few meals like I do. Then you'll have great skin AND be skinny!!!  ;)

 Coats- I LOOOOVE coats. I have tons. My favorite ones are fitted winter coats. I think it's worth it to invest in a good coat. For cold winters, you can't beat a Northface. They are ridiculously warm (and I'm ALWAYS cold). My favorite coat is a Teal Zac Posen coat which I spent hundreds on... It's worth it. Mackage is my favorite line. They make beautiful fitted coats with lots of style. You don't have to dress ugly to stay warm. Invest people.  It's worth it.

Jewelery- I love buying huge fake jewelery, but you can't beat a pair of beautiful diamond solitaires or a strand of pearls.  Every woman should have a pair of diamond and pearl earrings (You don't need to spend like crazy... but it's nice to have the real thing), and a strand of pearls.
You can find beautiful pearls for cheap at Overstock.  Surprising.. but they really are very nice.  And if you buy a diamond, make sure it's not a Blood Diamond! Do you want a little African child to have lost his limbs, family, or his life so you can sport some bling???  =(

Chanel- I love Chanel. It's my weakness.  The quality.. The designs...It's unparalleled. I am willing to shell out lots of cash for Chanel.... but only if it's discounted and I get it at my favorite consignment stores!  =)

A Quality Handbag-  For everyday use, you can use a cheap bag, but every woman should have at least one beautiful Designer Handbag.
Please don't spend a lot of money on the new "IT" bag because in a few months... everyone may be carrying the Chinatown knock off and then it's not so special.  I like to buy handbags that don't have the label written all over (Unless its' Chanel!).  If you're only going to buy one, get it in a neutral shade (Black/ Tan) because you'll get the most wear out of it. 

Cashmere- It's expensive, but it's much easier to find at good prices nowadays.  Cashmere is worth it's weight in gold.  You're not going to find something that is so thin, yet gives so much warmth. The more ply, the better.  I have a 4 ply sweater... it's FABULOUS. It's worth it.  And if it starts to pill, just get an electric sweater shaver.

So, there are definitely tons of ways you can spend your money.  As someone who is a thrifty shopper but loves fabulous things, these are my picks for things that are worth spending your money on.  Invest in a quality item, and it'll last you forever. 

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