Sunday, January 31, 2010

I see Red- Redness Relieving Eye Drops

 I love scary stories~ One of my favorites was the story of "Red Eyes".
I'm not as scared of it any more, but Red Eyes (the Bloodshot kind) are still pretty scary...

One thing I have my clients do at the beginning of a makeover is to put eye drops in their eyes.
You don't want to do a full face of makeup and have a flawless look, only to be ruined by eyes that aren't bright and shining.

I don't feel that you need to use eye drops every day, but it's nice to use when you're tired, had a long night, or are going out. With a few drops of Redness Relieving Eye Drops, you will look more awake, brighter, and so fresh and so clean clean! 

There are three eye drops that I would recommend to my fantabulous readers.  Here we go~

1. Visine- This is the standard.  There are so many different formulas, but I usually use the Visine Advanced Relief formula.  This is the one I use on myself and on my clients.  I like to carry around the mini version. 

2.  Rohto-  This is something that I only recommend to the brave and adventurous. It's from a Japanese company and it contains menthol.  If you think menthol makes your lips tingle, imagine it in your eyes. 
It's painful when you first put the drops in your eyes~ I can't even open my eyes at first.
But after the initial pain subsides, your eyes are left with a refreshing, cooling feeling.
It sounds crazy, but it's kind of cool! I don't use this often, but when my eyes are feeling really tired, I like to put a drop or two in.

3. Collyre Bleu Blue Eye Drops- This is like the Rolls Royce of eye drops.  Many professional makeup artists use this in their kits. The drops are actually blue and basically makes the whites of your eyes appear whiter.  Because the actual drops are blue, it is recommended that you put the drops in at least 15-30 minutes before you put in your contacts (or else your contact lens will have a bluish tinge to them)

  • Make your eyes look clear and bright.
  • Increase the appearance of alertness and awakeness.
  • Enhance your eyes intensity for photos.
  • Eliminate the appearance of redness due to any factors including tiredness, allergies and more.
  • Eliminate yellow-ness in your sclera (white part of your eye) for bright white eyes.

So when you've had way too little sleep (or way too much fun) and your eyes are showing it, squeeze a few drops of Redness Relieving Eye Drops into your eyes and you'll be good to go! 

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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  1. I saw MichellePhan do this on one of her videos but what a clever thing to have your clients do this to makeup for brighter eyes~~