Friday, January 8, 2010

Singing and Dancing Through Life- My Favorite Musicals

OOOHHH.... How I love a good musical!!!  The first one I remember going to see was either the Secret Garden with my cousin or Cats when I was a girl scout.  Now those two were not the best ones around... but I've seen many more throughout my life that are just out of this world!

My friends have always said that I live in Irene's world... and in Irene's world... Life is a Musical! Sometimes I really want to just burst out singing into song.  Wouldn't it be great to sing when something good happens or do a dance off when you're angry at someone? 
The costumes, the sets, the music, the MAKEUP!!!! SIGH~ it's all so glorious!
Although life may not really be a musical, I can pretend it is at Karaoke (My go-to song is Oasis' "Don't Look Back In Anger") and in the shower ("On My Own" and "Tomorrow" were my standards growing up... )

Here are my favorite musicals (Broadway and Movies) that I've seen:

Musicals- The real deal.  Singing. Dancing. Amazing Sets! How can you not love Broadway???
* Les Miserables- This is a classic musical.  I've seen it many times, and it never disappoints.  The songs are amazing, the scenery... everything! If you've never seen it, you MUST watch it. It changed my life~*
* Wicked- This is also another amazing musical.  So many "WOW~ This is amazing!!!" moments. Favorite songs: Defying Gravity (AMAZING), Popular (So funny), What Is This Feeling, Because I knew You (So touching... There should be more songs about friendship)
* Lion King- You have to see this. This is a musical that has an AMAZING set (the animals come to life!!! how?? You must see for yourself!)
* Phantom of the Opera- Definitely a classic.

* The Sound of Music- We used to have this on VHS so I watched it ALL the time.  I always used to do the whole "Good Night" scene on the stairs for my parents. And I love the Goat Herd Song. We had a Sound of Music sing-along on African safari.  My favorite movie musical!
* Mary Poppins- I'm very similar to Mary Poppins~ "Practically perfect in every way" (haha) and you never know what I'll pull out of my bag!   ;)   Soooo good. Julie Andrews is the best~*
* Annie- Ms. Hannigan scared me as a kid... but a wonderful movie nonetheless.
* The Little Mermaid- My favorite Disney movie!!!!
* Grease- Summer Love and the Ultimate Makeover!
* Moulin Rouge- I didn't like it the first time I watched it... I thought it was weird. It's now one of my favorite movies.  The costumes.. The music... Baz Lurhman is a genius
* Chicago- I haven't seen this on Broadway, yet... but I've seen the movie tons of times and it's next on my list of shows to see... the soundtrack is awesome!!!  Makes you want to sing and dance...and hate men  ;)
* Glee-This is SUUUUCH a good show~ They take popular songs and sing them. Simple enough... but they're SO GOOD.  And the story lines are interesting: funny, serious, poignant.  It's got it all.

OK. Now go out... Sing and Dance your little hearts out!

*~ Have a Beautiful Day ~*

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