Thursday, January 21, 2010

3 Cheers for Restaurant Week!

It's time for my favorite time in NYC~ Restaurant Week!   Oh how many delicious meals I've had over the years.

Beloved by foodies, hated by people who work at the restaurants... RESTAURANT WEEK is AWESOME!

Restaurant Week runs from 1/25/10 to 2/7/10 (excluding Saturday and Sunday in most places)
When else can you get 3 course meals at fabulous restaurants for $24 at lunch and $35 at dinner?!?!  SUCH a good deal.

My first foray into Restaurant Week was Smith and Wollenskys. Wasn't the best experience, but whatever... I was getting my feet wet.
Over the years, I have been to some amazing places during Restaurant Week.  Here are my picks for the places that are available this year. (Unfortunately, there are a lot less restaurants participating... or many have closed down)

Bar Boulud- My friend Joe is a sous chef here and he's an AMAZING chef.  Bar Boulud is a good alternative if you want to try Daniel Boulud's restaurant, but can't afford Daniel's.  They are known for their charcuterie. 
BondSt-  I never used to eat sea bass until I ate it here ( I thought it was a really heavy fish... like swordfish. it's not)  the food, ambiance, everything is great. One of my favorites
(BTW- It's pronounced Bond Street. Not Bonst... like I though it was... haha)
Fig and Olive- I haven't been here before, but I hear it's good and the menu looks delicious. I think I may be going here this year
Isabella's- I've eaten here a good number of times and it has yet to disappoint.  The portions are big and food is delicioso.
Japonais- I've always wanted to go here. They do the prixe throughout the year so I haven't gone... but I will be going at some point.
Le Cirque- My favorite Restaurant Week place yet.  I went in the fall with the boys in 23J and I think we stuck out like sore thumbs amidst the money old folks (and our inappropriate conversations), but the service and food was impeccable.  5 Stars all the way
Megu- I haven't gone yet, but I will be next week. I'm sure it'll be fabulous
Nobu Next Door- I went here last time and the food was sooo good.  There's also Nobu ( door. haha).  Highly recommended.
Norma's- I ate here on Christmas Day (they're known for their brunch).  OMG... It took me over an hour to eat my Bagel and Lox w/ Caviar (haha.. sorry London Susan). It was delish.  I want to try the James Beard Award Winning Potato Pancakes (I may have been a Jewish girl in a former life)
Shula's Steak House- I haven't been here before, but I hear the steak is off the hook. For all you Meatitarians (like me)

Ok, now I'm starving and it's lunch time.  Somehow KFC Hot Wings don't seem to be cutting it right now... Oh well.. I'm saving for next week.  Happy Eating Everyone!

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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