Friday, January 22, 2010

A Note to All You Bad Boys Out There......And the Girls Who've Been Hurt By Them

There are a lot of good, honest, quality guys out there.  To You, I raise a glass.
I hope you find ladies that you can treat like the princesses they are and will treat you with the love and respect you deserve.

On the other spectrum, there are the selfish guys who will do whatever they want to get what they want.
Watch out for the cute, charming ones. Even more so if he has an accent!

I have heard sooo many horror stories over the years.  I never understood how a girl could get sucked into a Bad Boy's web when it's so blatantly obvious that they're bad news.

My love life can be summarized very quickly~ I'm a relationship girl.
I met my first love when I was 16 years old (Oh... to be young again) but we broke up after 6 months.  He is still a good friend of mine.
I met my next love when I was 17 and we were together for 6 years.  We realized we weren't right for each other and parted ways.  I still consider him a friend and am happy he has found the right girl for him.

I had no real dating experience until December 2008.  From that point until the Spring, I dated a lot of guys. It seemed like I was dating a new guy every other week.  It was fun while it lasted... but I came to realize that dating was not easy.  I would think that things were going well... and then I never heard from them again! 
Perhaps it was karma for avoiding guys when I was younger. The difference is that I never acted like I was interested in the first place.

Then I met a cute Irish bartender.  I only knew him for a short period of time, but was really starting to like him.  Then he sent me a text saying, "Sorry I didn't call you.  I had to go to Ireland for family problems.  I'll call you on Sunday when I get back".
Sunday rolled around and on Wednesday I sent him a text. I never received a call back.
Now everyone that knows me has probably heard the "Gone to Ireland" story and my reply that "He's gone to Ireland" when a friend thinks things are going well, but the guy suddenly disappears.

"Wow... he must have really hurt you" my best friend said to me.
"You seem really bitter" another person said.
Perhaps... but I'm not bitter about the fact that he didn't like me.
What gets to me is the fact that he felt the need to create a story that he was going to IRELAND ( a WHOOOOLE other continent) to tell me that he's not into me.  Now really..... was that really necessary?!?

When I ask my guy friends why he would lie to me and not just tell me that he's not interested in me or avoid me (the cowardly way), they said it was probably because he didn't want to be the Bad Guy.
Well let me just say that the things you do to prevent yourself from being the Bad Guy is usually what makes you the Bad Guy!!!

Then there are the Bad Boys that will deliberately lie to get what they want. Those are the really bad ones.
All I have to say is KARMA and BAM (Be A Man)
If you don't like a girl... Please Don't lead her on. Don't play games.  Don't lie.
If you're a player.... Please get out of the way.  There's plenty of Bad Girls out there. Stay away from the Good Ones.

Girls, if you think he's bad news... he probably is.
Don't waste your time on these type of guys.  In the end, the only one that will probably care is you.
I like to think of these guys as soul suckers~ Don't waste your precious time and energy on them.

It bothers me that these Bad Boys have no real repurcussions for their actions, while girls are left feeling hurt and angry, have to vent to their girlfriends, and lose hope in ever finding a Good Guy.

I love Taylor Swift.  Scorn her and she'll write a song about it!
Radio Host: "Do you think that guys might be worried about dating you (Because they don't want to be Track 12)?"
Taylor Swift:  "If I find the right guy, he won't hurt me and so I won't have to write a song about it".
Smart Girl. 

I'm no Taylor Swift... but I like to write and I have a lot to say.
These guys will probably never read this, but if they do... here are my parting words.... because I love getting the last word:

85- I never even dated you, but you were trouble from the beginning. I don't think you'll ever appreciate how much I did for you...but hopefully one day you will.
A.W.- You suck.... but I got the "He's gone to Ireland" phrase from you.... so thanks for that~*
S.B.- "Luv"~ Guess who made it to my P.O.S. list..... YOU! CONGRATULATIONS!

Maybe I'm too naive, too sentimental, and too sensitive.  Maybe I am a little bitter... but it's ok because I believe everything happens for a reason, I've learned a lot from my dating experiences this year, and soon the bitterness will subside and these boys will just be a distant memory and a funny story.

I lost sight of who I was when it came to guys and relationships, but I've found my way back.

Through all the guys I dated, I learned what I don't like, how I SHOULD be treated, and what I want in a relationship.  You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.

To all my single friends who are starting to lose hope in men.... Please Don't.
There are good guys out there, and I believe we will find them.  We just haven't met them yet.

To end on a bright note, here are some words that my friend Tracy wrote to me that really made me happy and gave me hope.

irene, single or not, your life is a success story. you're making it as a makeup artist. you're meeting people. you're being recommended by people. you're writing. you're engaged in your work. there are even more opportunities to take advantage of that you can take advantage of. so be proud of yourself and just have faith that you'll meet your someone when you meet them. and recognize that maybe if you're not in a relationship, you're not ready to be in a relationship.  

you will meet whoever you're supposed to meet. so don't force it. don't try to control it. don't focus on it. just let it be. i'm a champion of the happily ever after for you. you think you need someone who is obsessed with you [Haha], and maybe that's what will happen, but my hope is that you will meet someone who surpises you, who comforts you, who challenges you to be an even stronger heroine in your life story. and i believe a thousand percent that it will happen.

And I too hope that all you ladies that have been broken hearted, cried yourself to sleep, and been left with scars that take too long to heal will find a man to help mend your heart, wipes away your tears, and shows  you how great love can be.

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*


  1. ...beautiful...

    maybe somethings in life are a kelly clarkson song...maybe they are a beautiful disaster. maybe since they've (BAD BOYS) have been gone, youre life has sucked without them...

    however, all the singles ladies, please stand up and SHOUT, i am _______ (me, i'm panda) FIERCE. and my life and my love life will be absolutely fuckin awesome when YOU BELONG TO ME!!!!!!


  2. Takes two to tango luv.
    You should include yourself on your POS list as you're guilty of the same things I am.

  3. Thanks Sean. I'll think about it! =D

  4. hey i read your storey
    and im realy sorry that the person from ireland disownd you
    girls should never be treated that way
    i learnt that you should always be nice, careing, ohnest, loveing and loyal after seeing one of my freinds beeing hurt so many times by the same thing she always be happy with the lad she found but after a week or so they wold leave her for another lass so i thought im neve going to be a lad like (not that i ever planned on beeing)
    i have been cheated on befor i was with the girl for about a week or so and she got drunk and got off with another lad and left me for him and now it seems that she has a new bf every month or so because they leave her
    i guse carma realy dose excist

  5. Girls always seem to encounter the bad news whilst us nice, caring men stand just on the other side of the bar.

    I think some nice guys go over to the dark side because we seem to be blanked by girls, whilst the pricks of the world have 4 girls hanging off each finger.