Thursday, January 14, 2010

Missed Connections- Artwork by Sophie Blackall

I first heard about Missed Connections a few years ago when Viv told me that someone wrote about her on Craigslist!
I thought it was really cool that there was a site where people wrote about chance encounters they had with other random people that they'd probably never see again.

I liked the website and looked through it a few times, but don't really have the time or patience to read through everything.

Here comes Sophie Blackall to the rescue!
She is an artist based in Brooklyn that takes certain Missed Connections and turns them into artwork. 
I think it's a fabulous idea and her artwork is beautiful and a style of her own.

Sophie Blackall has illustrated over fifteen books for children and her paintings and three dimensional works have been exhibited in galleries in Sydney, Paris and New York

Her Missed Connections project is an ongoing series of paintings based on real, anonymous messages posted online by lovelorn strangers.

Click HERE to buy some of her work
Click HERE to see a short video about her work
Click HERE to become a Facebook Fan (and see more artwork)

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