Sunday, January 17, 2010

Korean Beacon ~ Not Korean Bacon! =D

I was at a BBQ a few months ago (Thanks for letting me crash your BBQ, Jesse).
We started talking about Korean restaurants and I mentioned that I had read an article about Gwyneth Paltrow's favorite restaurant on a website that I'd been reading recently.
Turns out that the website I was talking about was created by two of the guests at the BBQ! (So weird, 'cause Khee wrote the article and Eric has worked with Gwyneth Paltrow)
I love me a good Cowinkiedink!   (Coincidence for those that don't understand iRene language)

Eric and Khee are two guys that have created Korean Beacon- a great website geared towards Korean Culture.
Food, Celebrities, Entertainment, Worldwide News.... They have it all.
Only one thing was missing................... ME!  =) is a window into Korean-American life and culture.  We showcase different viewpoints, styles, and topics about Korean-Americans. is for multiple generations, mixed-race, adoptees, and for anyone who is generally interested in Korean-American life.   Of course, we also have an eye on what’s coming out of South Korea.  The Korean wave is happening and Hollywood is importing Korean artists and talent into the American mainstream.  It’s an exciting time and you can find it all right here at

It's a website that I check into regularly... and now... I get to be a part of it!!!
After reading my FABULOUS blog, Eric contacted me about doing a weekly Beauty Write Up and starting You Tube Videos geared towards Asians/Koreans. EXCITING!

Now I will NOT be going on camera without makeup (I go to the pool with makeup on!!!), but I AM taking volunteers to be brave and let me make you beautiful (Don't all volunteer at once, now!)
Every Thursday, you can check and see what new and exciting info I have.  If you have questions, I will try my best to answer them.  If I can't.. you're question will not be featured in Korean Beacon (haha.. j/k!)

This is a really exciting opportunity for me... and I'm sure I'll be learning more than you all with my research for Asian faces.  And let me tell you that Asians are NOT easy to put makeup on.
I've had quite a few hilarious makeover experiences with my friends (Thanks Jeeae and Esther... You girls were great sports~  At least now we know what DOESN'T work!!!)

So... as I am SKYROCKETING towards fame (Dream Big, Irene), this is a great step in the right direction.

If you are Korean, Korean-American, or an American  who knows the fabulousness of Koreans (Hi Joe and Taylor!)  you should DEFINITELY check out Korean Beacon.
It will change your life. Or give you a few minutes of entertainment.. Either or.... ;)

 *~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*


  1. What a great opportunity — congratulations! I've never heard of Korean Beacon before so thanks for letting me know about it. I'll be watching out for your column!

  2. I actually saw this post and immediately clicked on it because I thought it said bacon! I think you owe us a post on bacon now.