Monday, January 18, 2010

*~ I Believe in Miracles ~* A little bit of Hope in Dark Times

There are many times in life where people can wonder where God is.
Horrible things happen in life (such as the Earthquake in Haiti) and many people can question God.
Personally, I have a hard time dealing with things and understanding why things happen the way they do....
Of course I have no answer, but one thing my father has said to me is that it's when people are in trouble and in need that they turn to God.

Now I am in no way saying that God does horrible things so that they can turn to Him, but it is something that makes me think...
Bad things happen.  We don't know why.  You can choose to be angry, resentful, or you can try to make something good out of a bad situation.
* I believe in trying to look at the bright side of things: I believe that many more people are praying, I believe that many more people have a desire to help others, and I believe that this is an opportunity for people to find God and/or make a difference in the world.

I agree with my father.  He always had a pretty good life~ No problems. No worries. He had no need for God.  When my mother would drag him to church after I was born, my dad would only be there to stop my mother's nagging.  However, at a certain point in his adult life, he found God and he became a new man.
I too have had similar experiences.  I lived a very carefree life with very few problems (only the drama I created myself... )
I never really had the need for God.  It was only when major upheavals in my life came about that I truly turned to God.

It's easy to be negative about bad things in the world... REALLY easy.  I choose to think about the good things. At a time when people need Hope, I can only share with you some of my own personal experiences.
God works in strange ways... but God is good.

I have been lucky enough to experience God in many ways in my life (both personal and through others).  I hope by reading this, you are able to find a little bit of hope... and realize that miracles CAN happen.

* My mother found out that she had Thyroid Cancer in her early 20s.  She had to have her thyroids removed.  (Thyroids are a major gland that helps the body make energy, keeps body temperature regulated, and assists other organs)  She lived 13 years without taking any medication.
* My uncle and my father never believed in God.  At some point in their lives, they were able to find God and they have completely devoted their lives to Him. As two people who never needed God or directly rejected him, they were lucky enough to find God and their lives have been changed forever.
* When I was in High School, my father collapsed and basically had a stroke.  After a few days of rest and lots of prayer, he was fine.  He went back to work in a few days.

*  When I was very young (probably around 6 or 7), I went to Point Pleasant Beach with my family.  I was always one of the smallest kids in my class.  I was standing by the water and bent down to pick up something when a huge wave came and swallowed me. I was so small that I could easily have drowned.  Luckily, there was a man swimming out in the ocean who was able to grab me.  I went to Point Pleasant years later when I was in college, and was knocked down by a wave and could barely stand up... and I'm not so little any more! I can't imagine what could have happened to a skinny little 6 year old version of me
* In Brussels, I was on the phone with my dad when a scruffy guy stuck his head in the phone booth and said he'd be back.  I then called Mike, telling him how beautiful Brussels was when the guy came back... with a large knife in his hands.  He put it towards my stomach and demanded my bag.
It was Salvatore Ferragamo... so I hesitated (haha.. only me.. I know).  He put the knife closer to me so I gave him my bag and he ran off.  My initial reaction was that I'd run after him and if he turned around... I'd run the other way.  I ran after him (in my high heeled boots, nonetheless) screaming for help (so loudly that Mike thought a bomb had exploded!) and two men were able to tackle the guy.  I got my Ferragamo bag back!  Awesome.
* A few months after my mother passed away, I started bleeding a lot.  I stayed home for a few days~ I could barely move, my face was gray, and I kept fainting.  My grandmother forced me to go to a Gynecologist and she gave me an IV and accupuncture. Although I refused to go to the hospital at first, I went when her Doctor friend saw me and said I needed to go immediately.
 A normal person's Hemoglobin level (basically Blood Level) is around 12-15.  My level was at 3.75.  I was given 4 pints of blood.  I was able to go home the next day.  The nurses said they'd never seen a live person who had such little blood.  Thank God, the people at Holy Name Hospital, and the people who donated their blood. You saved my life. Thank You.
* There have been a few friends in my life who I hated... and I mean HATED. I felt betrayed by them and decided I would never let them into my life again.  It made me angry just thinking about them.  I NEVER thought I would ever have anything to do with them again.  I was able to reconnect with them years later... and my resentment and hatred was gone.  God had taken the negativity and replaced it with forgiveness and love. He changed my heart.
*  A year ago, I went through a serious depression.  I had an experience with depression about a year before which I got over on my own. I thought I'd get over it... but I didn't.
It got worse and worse until I was in a really dark place and a shadow of my former self.  The whole experience is very blurry and like a dream, but it was really really bad.  I eventually had to go to a psychiatrist and went on medication for a month or two.  Within about a month, I was better.  My whole life has changed since then.  I was given another chance at life... again.

*The last miracle...............
Josh asked Susan to marry him!!! (Haha... Sorry... just thought I'd lighten the mood a little!)          =)

So those are the miracles that I've experienced in my life.  At times, I felt like I was in Hell and didn't understand... but when I look back at it now... I feel it was all a part of God's plan.  I always say everything happens for a reason. 
When I was 25 and partying every night, did I think in a year I would go crazy and in 2 years become a Makeup Artist? Hell to the No!
Bad things happen.... but you never know how things will turn out.

Pray. Have faith.  Have hope.
Life is Good. God is Good.

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*


  1. If I happen to be one of the friends you hated and felt betrayed by... I'm sorry

  2. I'm not sure who this is, but I have no bad feelings for any people (except for Bad Boys). But thank you for the apology. I accept. =)