Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wax On, Wax Off in a Paraffin Bath

This is a product you probably don't have, but is definitely worth getting.
I bought a Homedics Paraffin Wax Bath many many years ago and I still use it.

I'm a little OCD about washing my hands~ It probably got worse after I became a teacher
(Let me just say that yes.... children are germ magnets~ I was ALWAYS sick when I was a teacher).

I probably wash my hands about 20 times a day, which can leave me with dry, chapped hands. Lotion usually helps, but sometimes, I don't feel like slathering lotion on a million times a day. Other times, no matter how much I put on, my hands are still dry.
For days like these, I turn to my Paraffin Bath.

It takes a while to melt down, but once it does... you're in for a treat.
I'm usually cold, so I love to get my hands in there and get all warm and toasty.

Just dip your hand in and out repeatedly until you get a thick layer of wax over your hands.
I like to get the layer really thick.... I feel like it does more... and it's fun to take off!

You can also use this for your feet to get them soft and warm (Just make sure to wash your feet before using!)

The Paraffin Wax Bath usually costs around $30, but it will last you forever (And is about the cost of one Manicure and Wax Treatment in a salon).
You can also buy refills of the paraffin from beauty supply stores or online.

You can purchase these at Bed,Bath, and Beyond , Target, Ebay, and other Beauty Supply Stores.

*~ Have a Beautiful Day!~*

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  1. Oh man. This is also going on my list of things to buy!