Friday, January 15, 2010

Queen Helene Grapeseed Extract Peel Off Masque

I've always loved putting on masks.
Maybe it made me feel older and like all the glamorous women on t.v. and in the movies I'd see.
It was also fun to see your face get really dry and crackly (with a mud) or feel like you have plastic on your face and be able to take your "face" off!

Personally, I prefer Peel-Off masks~ I feel more of an immediate difference and like the peeling off aspect
(The grown up version of putting Elmer's glue all over your hands and peeling it off!)
I use mud masks on my T-Zone to get rid of oiliness (Across your forehead, on your nose, and on your chin).
As for my favorite Peel-Off mask... the award goes to Queen Helene Grapeseed Peel Off Masque! (Applause, Applause)

I've been using this baby for YEARS.  I've probably gone through at least 5 tubes...
It leaves my skin smooth and soft as a Buh Buh's bottom!
* It's cheap, fast, and easy to take off.  I like to put on a really thick layer... I feel like it does more and it's more fun to peel off when its thicker.
* It's a great skin pick-me-upper~ When  you feel like your skin is a mess and there's nothing that is helping it, this is my go-to to make it feel better (even if it is only a quick fix)

Some reviews claim the smell is too strong.. but I don't mind it.  It's kind of like an alcohol smell... but once it's on, I never notice it.

I would use this product around once a week. I think you could probably use it more, but I never remember to...

I always buy mine at Harmon (one of my FAVORITE beauty stores), which you can find throughout NJ or in some Bed, Bath and Beyond stores.  Get a 20% off coupon and you save even more!  You can also find it online.

So try it out. And if you hate it, you're only losing out on $3!

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