Thursday, January 28, 2010

200 Members of Irene Kim Makeup on Facebook!

"You Like Me! You Really Like Me!"
-Sally Field

Yay!!! I now have 200 members on my Facebook Group!

Thanks to everyone who's joined.
And to my Facebook friends, thanks for not de-friending me after all my constant updates/ Facebook Pirating.  =) 
(I warned my friends last year that I shouldn't join.... Too late now... you've created a FB monster!)

If you're not a member of the Irene Kim Makeup Group... What are you waiting for?!? JOIN!  =)

I want to thank all the little, medium, and big people in my life!  You guys ROCK!
Thanks for reading, supporting me, and commenting on my posts (even if it is on FB and not my blog).

And thank you for awarding me with the  * "You're Absolutely Fabulous Dahling" Award!
Keep reading, and I'll keep writing! 


* P.S. The "You're Absolutely Fabulous Dahling Award" actually belongs to 5-time Emmy Award Winner Eve Pearl.

*~ Have a Beautiful Day!~*

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