Monday, December 14, 2009

Joyful for "GLEE"

Are you a gleek or are you completely out of the loop?  Wednesdays on Fox have been the thing to watch for the past few months.  Why?  Because their new show GLEE is absolutely fabulous!

This show is sooo great. It's made me laugh. It's made me cry. It's made me drive my roommate crazy by playing the songs over and over again! It has AWESOME music. I actually tend to like their versions better than the real ones... and they take songs I don't generally like... and make me put it on repeat! 

I like the character of Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michele) because she's an AMAZING singer.  Her personality can be annoying, but you have to admire someone (even if it is a fictional character... ) who has such passion and drive.

I could give you a full description of the storyline and characters... but it's best to experience Glee for yourself. The first half of the series (13 episodes) is coming out on DVD on 12/29/09, but I think Fox will probably be airing the old episodes again.  Don't miss it!

This guy has all the songs on Youtube. Too much great music in one place!! AGHH!  =D

Here is the Glee the Music Volume 1:
1. Don't Stop Believin'- I don't like Journey.  I Do like Glee's version of Don't Stop Believin'! 
2. Can't Fight This Feeling-  Another song I didn't like... but do now.
3. Gold Digger- Kanye sucks, but this is a great song.  Mr. Schuester does a great job!
4. Take a Bow- Rachel's version gives a different feel to the song~ Both are A+
5. Bust Your Windows- Not my favorite song.. but the girl can sing.
6. Taking Chances- I like Rachel's version better than Celine's... and that's saying a lot....
7. Alone- Duet with Kristin Chenowith and Matthew Morrison.  She is awesome.  I like it more every time I hear it
8. Maybe This Time- These two ladies are awesome.Lea Michele holds her own.
9. Somebody to Love- I LOVE this version of the song. Sorry Georgie... Glee beats you in my book.
10. Hate On Me- Sorry.. I'm hating on this song... but you may like it~ =T
11. No Air- I like this better than the original... especially since Chris Brown turned out to be a major P.O.S.
12. You Keep Me Hangin' On- I love the original song (SO 80's!!!)... but good singing and cute dance sequence!
13. Keep Holdin On- I love their version!!!

14. Bust a Move- Haha.. This song rocked in the 90's, and it rocks now! Am motivated to make this my karaoke song!
15. Sweet Caroline- I like this version. I dedicate this to David Abromowitz 'cause you rocked this karaoke song in Hawaii.  Good memories! Shah Kah!
16. Dancing With Myself- I just think it's cheeky of the Glee people to use this song... you do know what they say it's really about, don't you?  ;)
17. Defying Gravity- How can "Wicked" get any better? It just did! (Not to say this version is better..they are both equally fabulous. Just in their own way)

Glee: The Music Volume 2 is also out.  Click here to hear previews.

Go Get some Glee in your life!

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*


  1. haha.. "put on repeat..." you nutso! :) i'm going to listen to them now, TOO!!! ^^

  2. haha... music battle. love it. but you know i'll win (without even trying!) =)

    once you're married, you know you're gonna miss my music!!!