Friday, December 18, 2009

For the Boys- Cars, Drifting, Initial D

Meet Frankie~ He's one of the hardest working people I know, my former employer, and someone I've known since I was 8 years old.

I still remember when he walked into Mr. McCloskey's 3rd grade class and was seated next to me.  "I don't like this kid..." I immediately thought.  Our mom's became good friends and we were forced to spend time with each other.
We grew up together~ Getting into trouble with Rob and Viv when we had tutor sessions, "working" with each other at Infusium Tea, Frankie coming to my parties where he'd show up so late that I'd  be passed out!

Growing up, I just thought Frankie was the dumb boy next door (who would run into my glass sliding door and blame it on my mom for keeping her house too clean!).  However, one thing that I always admired about Frankie was his work ethic.
Frankie was working when he came out of the womb.  While I was busying shopping and hanging out with friends in high school, Frankie was busy fixing cars, DJing, and doing a million other business ventures.

Now that we're "adults", Frankie has been running his own business.  A few years ago when I was figuring out what to do with my life, Frankie hired me to be his secretary.
From the first day when I literally almost poked my eye out ("OMG, IRENE! You haven't even started working yet!!! ) to the time when I said, "Frankie... I don't think this is working out" (and he said, "THANK GOD.  I didn't want to fire you!"), Frankie was always patient with me.
He was even crazy enough to hire me again before I went to Beauty School ("Irene, All you have to do is answer phones, keep the place clean, and entertain everyone. It's kind of perfect for you~")

Frankie is one of the hardest working, patient, good guys I know.  And his hard work is finally starting to pay off!  Click here to watch  videos about his company Slidewayz Motor Sports and cars:
Trailer- This is my favorite one. It's short.
Cruise Through NJ - Reminds me of The Fast and The Furious
MTV- Awww my boys are getting big! Kevin- The nice one, Junar- The joker (at least to me!)

So, if you are interested in Drifting, Need your car fixed, or Want to play the video game Initial D, you can get all your needs at Slidewayz Motorsports.  Or just head on over if you're bored~ It's always a party there ;)

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