Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can you go a day without shoes? - TOMS

"No one has ever become poor by giving" 
-Anne Frank

The Holidays are here (yay!)  Are you looking for a gift for someone special in your life?  Don't give them junk that they'll never use and throw away (gasp!), give away, or hide in their closet/basement while it gathers dust~
Give them something that is useful and is for a good cause.

I first learned about Tom's Shoes when I was in Africa.  Two of the college students from Biola University were wearing these shoes that definitely were not construction shoes.  I'm not gonna lie... I first noticed them because I thought they were UGLY (haha)
"What are you guys wearing?  Isn't it dangerous to wear those while lifting rocks?" I asked.
They said they were fine and that  for every pair of shoes you buy, the company donates a pair of shoes to a child in need.  WOW! What a great idea! Combine two awesome things: Shopping + Helping a child in need = Pure Fabulousness

I knew I wanted to get a pair when I got home (even though I still thought they were ugly).  Then I saw the AT&T commercial.  It made me cry (or at least tear)... you can watch an unclear version here.

So I bought my first pair in black (I figured they were the safest bet...).  Now I have awesome clothes and awesome shoes, but since I have flat feet, I live in flip-flops until my toes are gonna freeze. So I decided to give my TOMS shoes a try.  OMG~ They were soooo comfortable.  They were as comfortable as my flip flops, but my feet were warmer!  I wore them everywhere... and this girl is a busy girl~ I'm always on the run!  I've kind of worn through my first pair, so I'm ready to get another one.  Not sure if I'll move on to color... maybe the black glitter?..... we'll see.

So... although these shoes aren't the most fashionable (My friend Bobby calls them my ninja shoes... but he thinks General Tso's chicken and Chicken Teriyaki are Korean food, so whatever~) but I do surprisingly get compliments on them, they are sooooo comfy, and they're for a good cause!

These would make a great gift to someone, or for yourself.  Now if you want to give these as a gift, I suggest buying them the TOMS GIFT PACK , which is worth $50 and a documentary DVD about TOMS SHOES.  I suggest this because you never know which shoe the person will like best... but more importantly because there's a superstition that says you shouldn't buy someone shoes because they'll use them to walk out of your life~ (ooh weeh ooh ~*)  ;)

If you don't like the shoes, they also have cute t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and a new necklace. Each item equals a pair of shoes for a child.  One for One.

It's really easy to forget about other people.  I know I never got involved until recently.  This is an easy way to help make the world a little bit better.  By buying a pair of shoes, you can help change a person's life.  Give a gift of love.  Happy Holidays everyone!

Click HERE to buy a pair!

"For it is in giving that we receive"
-St. Francis of Assissi

Can you imagine a day without shoes?
WARNING- Graphic, but really touching

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  1. you and your kung fu shoes! ~Susan L.