Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Adventures of a Paperclip~ The Paperclip Project~*

I was recently playing a very intense game of Taboo over the Holidays (Yale was the best: "Insane Clothes" = Straight Jacket, "Navel Dirt" = Belly Button Lint.. haha. Go Team KL. Team Choi stinks), and someone mentioned a guy that had traded One Red Paperclip and ended up with a house!  In only 14 trades, he was able to end up with a HOUSE! How crazy is that?!?

Well, I was thoroughly intrigued, and I decided that my cousins and I should all do our own paper clip project.  Starting on January 1, 2010, we have a year to take a paperclip and trade as much as we can within a year to end up with the best trade.  Whoever has the best trade next year will win a prize from all the cousins (Prize yet to be decided).   We can start with any kind of paperclip... as fancy or as simple as you want. 

I have a feeling I may be the only one that actually follows through and doesn't forget about this (and if you haven't heard anything about it come July, I probably have forgotten so please remind me!)... but I think it'll be a fun thing to do.  I plan to do things the right way.... so although I can probably end up with something awesome (because people love giving me free stuff... ), I'm only going to trade things (instead of getting something for free and giving them my object).

If you like doing fun and pointless things, join me in my paperclip project!

So who's going to be the first one to help me out?  What do you want for a little old paperclip full of potential?   Let the trades begin! 

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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  1. Let's trade up to get necessary items for ByGrace! I will help. Wendy