Saturday, December 26, 2009


 "Explore art. 
Experience something creatively exciting. Be influenced by talent around you.  
Write, sing, paint, sculpt, take a picture. Reflect on your own creativity.

Find inspiration in the work of others. Stretch your limits. Exercise your craft. 
Celebrate the art of makeup- like you mean it."
-Michael DeVellis

What do Makeup Artists read to find out which products are in the pro's kits, to get inspired with new looks, and to be introduced to new lines and products?  I present to you ON MAKEUP MAGAZINE.

Created by the AMAZING Michael DeVellis (Who created the M.A.C. Pro program!) and founder of The Powder Group, ON MAKEUP MAGAZINE is for all you aspiring makeup artists, people already in the biz, and people who just love fashion and beauty.

My personalized issue of ON MAKEUP MAGAZINE reads
" To Irene- Shhhhhh!  -M " 

ON MAKEUP MAGAZINE has many beautiful makeup ideas, themes, interviews with prominent Makeup Artists, and much much more.  My favorite part of the magazine is the "KIT FOCUS" , where the pros tell you what they use on their clients. I love knowing what other Makeup Pros staples are. It's so much easier than hounding down all the speakers at the Powder Group Events (Sorry James Vincent, Jon Henessy, Daven Mayeda, David Klasfeld, Kevin James Bennett, and Matin!!!)  ;)

Here is more about ON MAKEUP Magazine in their own words:
On Makeup Magazine is the first-ever magazine dedicated to the craft of the professional makeup artist and based in the beauty capital of the world- New York City!

Published by makeup artist resource and event producers The Powder Group, this distinctive pro-driven, consumer-friendly industry publication will celebrate the art of makeup like no other has before it.

On Makeup Magazine will focus on three things- makeup, makeup artists and makeup artistry- in all their forms.  Every makeup artist, beauty industry professional, pro-aware product line, and makeup lover alike will find something for them in this editorially unique new quarterly.

Each issue will provide readers with an insider's look at the people, products, events, friends, techniques and inspiration that make the makeup industry one of the most exciting in the world.  Readers can count on each issue providing the widest array of makeup-focused content anywhere.

Welcome to a point of view that encourages both professionals and consumers to open their minds to new ways of thinking about the art of makeup. Welcome to the new global makeup community. 

 For people that have an amazing beauty product, I highly suggest advertising with ON MAKEUP Magazine. Once you have the professionals introduced to your products, it's only a matter of time before everyone and their mother knows about it.

For those that are interested in beauty, ON MAKEUP MAGAZINE provides you with the best of the best.  You should DEFINITELY check out this magazine.

My favorite issue is the Fall 2009. Why? Because my sensei Orlando Santiago has a spread, they have a feature on green eyes/pink lips... and because I'M in the issue!!!!
Yes... If you count down to the 9th person listed... IT'S ME!
"IRENE KIM- Editorial Assistant"

The magazine is available twice a year as Spring and Fall Issues.  You can buy the issues individually or in 2 year subscriptions  (Totaling 4 issues).  Buy now because once January 1, 2010 rolls around, new rates will be in effect!

So hurry up and order your subscription now! Get your ON MAKEUP Magazine... and get your makeup on!  ;)

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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