Sunday, December 13, 2009

What is iRene Wearing?

 "When the dog bites, When the bee stings, When I'm feeling sad.
I simply remember my favorite things, And then I don't feel so bad"
- The Sound of Music

I love stuff.  I especially love wearing stuff.  Here's a few stuff I am wearing right now.  What are you wearing to keep warm and fashionable?

1. Genetic Denim Shane Jeans- I never thought I could pull off skinny jeans.  I can.  I rock them.  Almost every day.  They are awesome and I have 2 pairs in blue and a pair in gray. They're expensive... but I got mine for $50.  They run bigger (I fit into size 26 when I usually wear 27).  If you can find these babies, they are the best skinny jeans around.

2. Big Rings- The bigger the better. I ain't getting married any time soon, but who needs a man to buy me a big old rock anyway?  The ones I wear the most are my green rectangular "emerald" ring, my huge bling bling "It's Chanel... J/K! It's Forever 21!" Camelia ring, and my big pink plastic Urban Outfitters ring.

3.  Scarves-  HOLY COW... It is FREEZING in the city!  Luckily I have my huge Pink and White Marc Jacobs scarf to keep me warm.  I also love my pashminas (white, pink, yellow), and my new favorite... a RED cashmere scarf that is soooooo warm and wonderful. Cashmere's great 'cause it's light and soft.. but keeps you warm and toasty.  I also just bought a beautiful white Chanel Rabbit scarf.  It's my baby.  I haven't worn it out... but she makes me happy. All bought at my consignment stores... Will work for fabulous clothes.

4.  Boots- Spyder Boots: Never heard of them... but they're apparently for Snowboarders.  All I know is that I got them at T.J. Maxx for $50 and they are oh so warm.  Even warmer are my Pajar Snow Boots (also bought at T.J. Maxx a year or two ago).  These are awesome.  I live in them in the winter.  I'm sorry.. but UGGs were originally called UGGLY.  Take away the "L" and the "Y"... they're still ugly. (Don't get me started on CROCS!)

5.  Tights/Leggings- Brown, Black, Striped, Knit... I love them.  Now that it's getting too cold to wear them on their own with a dress/skirt, I'll have to wear them underneath my jeans.  But tights are awesome.  Rock them if you can stand the cold.  Recently bought a pair of Mossimo leggings at Target for $7.  They're grrrrrreat!

6.  Hoodies- I love a good hoodie.  My favorite? Josh's Volcom sweatshirt that I've brought on every trip in 2009 (Cali/Grand Canyon/Vegas, Seneca Lake, Honduras, Africa, Virginia).  Sorry Josh... you may never get this hoodie back  =)

Here is Josh's sweater at Giant Canyon.  That's my grandma.  I didn't learn to accessorize from her.  Notice the yellow Michigan hat (courtesy of Ms. T.Cho), the double strand pearls, the blue souvenier shirt, and the black jumpsuit with Neon Green and Orange Stripes. My 82 yr. old Grandma wears whatever the hell she wants (which I DID learn from her) and Grandma rocks!  

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*


  1. thanks for commenting yuri. is this yuri yureeka yasuda? =)