Monday, December 7, 2009

Give the gift of Warmth!

Baby it's cold outside!!!  If you live on the East Coast, you know the winters here can be brutal.  Those that know me know I'm ALWAYS cold.  I hate blasting the heater and I hate being cold even more.  What is a girl to do to stay warm at home?  Turn down that thermostat and head over to Restoration Hardware and shop shop shop!

I discovered their Luxury Plush Foot Duvet's a few years ago.  That's a fancy way of saying they're slippers.  But not just any slippers. BLANKET SLIPPERS (Say WHAAAT?!?). Yes... Slippers that have down and furry softness inside.  I know. sounds warm, right?  Wait til you put these on.  They're sooooo warm, soft, and wonderful.  I have tons of them. I have probably bought over 20 pairs of these...  I love giving them as gifts 'cause I think Koreans have really bad circulation and our feet are really cold.... =T

Restoration Hardware also has Luxury Plush Throws (aka a Blanket).  But again... not just any blanket.  This is the best blanket you will ever buy... that costs less than $50.  It is the softest, thickest, warmest blanket that has brought me hours of comfort and joy.  I have tons of these too (I know I have a serious shopping problem. Help me~).  Blanket + My Couch= Evil Couch.... Once you're on it... you're not getting up and you WILL pass out really easily.  My friends can attest to this.

Sooo.. these make WONDERFUL gifts for the fabulous people in your life (Only the fabulous ones...  Mediocre people don't deserve such greatness) ... and especially for the most fabulous person in your life. YOU!

Best part... we're in a recession now so they've lowered the prices.  I bought them FULL PRICE ($20 and $59), which is a HUUUGE deal for me (Girl does not do retail)... and they were worth every pretty penny!

So stay warm ~ warm at home... warm at heart!

Retail Price:  Available in 7 colors

Slippers- $16  

Blanket- $39 

*~ Have a beautiful day~*

UPDATE: I just found out that it comes in a robe. The angels up above are singing and playing harps in these robes.  Gotta go get one. Peace out y'all!

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  1. Thanks for posting this — I had been thinking about getting a replacement throw because ours is looking threadbare. And my mom would love those slippers!