Friday, December 4, 2009

Where to Eat in Jersey

What do Whitney Houston, Brooke Shields, Frank Sinatra, Tom Cruise, Shaquille O'Neal, Kelly Ripa, Bruce Springsteen, John Travolta, and Derek Jeter all have in common? They are all from New Jersey!!!

Yes, I am a born and bred Jersey Girl.  I've been told that I say that I'm from NJ with such pride... haha.. I don't know about that... but Yes, I love having grown up in NJ. I grew up in a very nice part of NJ in Bergen County.  I went to a Blue-Ribbon School which we liked to call "Happy Valley".  It was great growing up here, because I got the solid suburban childhood, and NYC was right across the bridge!

Now I know what they say about us~ We're the armpit of America... NJ smells... People have accents.. blah blah blah.  Well, all I have to say is that it's not NJ that smells... it's actually Staten Island~ and I've never met anyone that has a JOISEY accent!

Jersey has it all: Beaches, Skiing, Casinos, Great Education (Hellooo Princeton!), Six Flags Great Adventure, We have TONS of malls, No tax on clothing and shoes (F#$& NY and it's 8.875% sales tax!) and most importantly... We have GRRRRREAT food !!! =)

As a self-proclaimed expert of Bergen County, here is my list of recommendations for places to get fat and/or drunk! Here are my favorite places to fulfill all your gluttonous desires:

Koreans know that to get the best Korean food on the East Coast, you have to go to Palisades Park (aka Pal Park) or Fort Lee.  Pal Park is basically a mini Korea. You will find more signs in Korean than in English.
BBQ and Korean: Deh Gee Koom, Pal Gak Jung, Dong Bang Grill (Haha. My Caucasian friends call it Bang Dong Grill),  Moo Goong Hwa- No info.. but it's by the clock in Closter  Te Min Quan- I never liked Chinese/Korean noodles til I ate the spicy ones here  Pho 32 -This isn't korean... but whatever. Good Pho and Spring Rolls
Korean Bars (This is the Korean equivalent to an American's Irish Pub~ we get drunk and fat here): Ja Yu In, Baden Baden (Best rotisserie chicken), Triple  ~  Now if you make it to the bars, you must have a tequila shot Korean style~ I can't tell you what it is here, but ask and I will tell.  And even if you hate tequila, it tastes Mmm Mmm Good! Sik Gaek- Great seafood~ Drink Korean "sake" aka Soju (Drink Baekseju for one that doesn't taste like pure alcohol)
American: Chakra (Great ambiance and food) Old Man Raffertys (One of my fav's... I never had a bad meal here) Cheesecake Factory (I know it's a chain, but the Salmon, Pasta Da Vinci, and Red Velvet Cheesecake are AWESOME), Cubbys- Best fall off the bone ribs~ Not fancy at all Houstons- Delicious spinach dip and ribs
French/Spanish/Italian : Madeline's Petit Paris (My FAVORITE restaurant.  Not cheap, but the food is delicious, and the white hat-wearing chef and his wife are sooo cute!) Meson Madrid- Excellent paella and raw seafood  Big Red Tomato- The Big Red Tomato is delish and the never-ending garlic knots are dangerous. Big portions for a small price
Japanese/Chinese: Mitsuwa- Japan in NJ- the place immediately to your left from entrance has the best Curry Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet)  P.F.Chang's- Another chain... but the lettuce wraps are off the hook

Take Out/ SandwichesPicnic Cafe (Known for gyros, but I love the fried chicken and rice~ Great people and price) Bartolomeos (AMAZING sandwiches and food. Good portions)  Hansel and Griddle  (great food  for Rutgers students) Tospia (New, Filling, Cheap Sandwiches) Tenafly Hot Bagels- Best breakfast and bagels in Jersey! Fish On The Fly- Amazing lunch specials from 12-2.  Huge lunch for less than $8
Pizza: I like Jersey pizza better than NY (Gasp!)... YEAH~ I SAID IT!  Rudy's is preferred by girls, while the boys seem to like Ray's
Diners: Northvale/Tenafly- Owned by the same people.... Best diner food I've had.  I grew up on the CBC (Chicken Bacon Cheddar Sandwich) with curly fries....
Dessert: Yogomango/ Fruits Gelateria, Paris Baguette/ Gateaux (If you haven't experienced a Korean bakery, you are missing out!!!) Cafe Angelique- in an old train station. very cute  Archetypus- This is the cave cafe... it's cool for a new experience~
Free Food: Any Han Ah Reum/H-Mart (haha.. have fun trying to read Korean) on a Saturday or Sunday.  They give away so much free food (haha.. my best friend and I would eat lunch there every Sunday after church... whatever... I buy everything I eat!)

* So... that's about it.. All you Bergen Folk.. Let me know if I've missed anything!
* For those that aren't from Jersey, hope you are lucky enough to eat all this deliciousness that I've been able to experience.
OMG... I'm so hungry now...         =T**     (that's me drooling)

Bon Appetit! Buen provecho!
Mah sheet gae muh geu seh yoh (Eat well in Korean)!

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