Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ancient Korean Secret- The Korean Tequila Shot

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor.
-George Carlin

Sometimes you meet people for a certain reason.  There was one person in my life who came into my life, brought me lots of fun times, happiness, and then lots of misery.  This person was there at a very key point in my life... and although he brought a lot of craziness and stress into my life, I'll always remember him fondly for one thing.  Korean Tequila Shots.

For some reason, whenever my friends and I would do shots, 95% of the time it would be shots of Patron Silver.  I am not one to turn down a free drink, so of course I would drink it... but I wouldn't really enjoy it.  Alcohol tasting Alcohol + Lime + Salt = Yuck.  I prefer my drinks to be fruity and delicious.  Shots of Patron are neither.

Now I wasn't planning on telling the whole world my Korean Tequila secret...but after a night of tequila shots and Christmas right around the corner, I am feeling generous.  To all my Tequila drinking/ Tequila hating readers.... Here is my gift to you.  The Korean Tequila Shot.

What You Need:
* Tequila- My go-to is usually Patron, but more recession friendly is Jose Cuervo.  With the Korean Tequila Shot, quality liquor is not necessary. I recently tried Milagro and that may actually become my favorite~
* Lemon Wedge- No Lime. Lemon.
* Sugar- Enough sugar to dip a lemon in
* Instant Coffee-  Not a lot of Coffee.  Just a touch to add with the sugar.  If you add equal parts coffee to sugar, it will be bitter.

What To Do:
* Pour yourself (and a friend, hopefully. It's no fun to drink alone!) a shot of tequila of choice
* Grab a lemon wedge and dip into the sugar and coffee (I like to put both on one plate next to each other... but it might be easier to mix it).  REMEMBER~ More sugar than coffee!
* Take a shot and slam down the shot glass (for dramatic effect)
* Suck on the lemon with sugar and coffee
* Enjoy
* Repeat as necessary
* Take a Zantac if you have an upset stomach the next morning
* Eat really greasy food for breakfast and regret having had too many tequila shots the night before  =)

Like I said, I used to hate taking Tequila shots.  I am now a convert and I think you will be too.  You may not love tequila, but it will definitely be easier next time you have to do a shot!
When you're in a pinch, Lemon + Sugar will do.... but it's just not the same.
For an easier alternative, drink Cafe Patron.  Same taste... Less work.

So, may you have many fun nights filled with Lemony Sweet Coffee Goodness.
Eat, DRINK, and be Merry!  Happy Holidays everyone!

*~ Have a Beautiful Day ~*

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