Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wondergirls "Nobody" Inspired Makeup- Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection

So I finally made my first You Tube Video.  I never thought I'd do one 'cause I refuse to go on camera without makeup, and I'd cry if people are mean to me (haha).
But after getting the opportunity to write for Korean Beacon (Every Thursday!!!), they asked that I make videos too... so I said, "Why Not"~

So with the help of my Fabulous friends Jeeae (Model), Ruth (Zoom), and Jenny (Loud Laughing/Talking), we were able to put together my first You Tube Video!
It took a lot longer than I thought... but it was easier than I thought it would be...
I've learned a lot and realized how I can make things better... but over-all I'm very happy with the results!

Here is the link to my Korean Beacon Article.
Here is the link to my You Tube Video.
Here is the Wondergirls' Nobody video that was the inspiration for my look. (They come on at 2:00 min)
Here are the Bloopers. The whole video took a few hours to film!!!

I know most of you won't have the patience to sit through the whole video, so I will write the techniques for a Wondergirls Inspired Look. You obviously don't have to use the same kit or products I used, but these are my favorites and are definitely worth buying.

 Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection
Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes- Champagne (23L) and Mat Black (0L)
Lorac Front Of The Line Pro Eyeliner in Black
Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara in Black
Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush
Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder
M.A.C. Lip Glass

* Fill in the Eyebrows using Velvet Revolver (Taupe) and/or Sexpresso (Brown)
- The Wonder Girls have pretty thick eyebrows in their video, but find what works for you
* (Optional) Heaven (A Light Beige Color) goes all across the lid as a base.
* Honey Pot (A Gold Color) can be swept across the lid for a lighter look, or pressed into the Lid for more color.  Blend with a Blending Brush.
* Line the Water Line (The Squishy Wet Part on the bottom of your eye) with a Nude/White Eyeliner.
- If using the nude color, I like to line right underneath the eye too and smudge with the fingers. If you do this, you'll need mascara to color your lashes.
- Nude Eyeliner is the most natural, Nude w/ Shimmer is a very pretty look (My Favorite), and White will make your eyes really stand out
* Line your eyes with Black Eyeliner to create a thick Winged Out Eye
-(Optional)  If you have trouble using eyeliner, use a Black Eyeliner Pencil first to trace a line onto the lid.
- Line the eyes using a Liquid or Gel Eyeliner. For this look, I used a Liquid Eye Liner (Since Gel can sometimes pull on the eyes or not show up as much if you have on a lot of eye makeup)
* Apply False Eyelashes.  I used a thick set of lashes for this look, but any set of lashes will make a difference
-When Applying False Eyelashes, don't use too much glue. The glue goes on the False Eyelashes (in case I didn't make that clear...)
-Apply as close to your real lashes as you can
- If you have trouble with Lashes, You can cut them in half and put on the ends of lashes
* Apply Mascara to Bottom Lashes.  I love black on everyone, but Brown is more natural
- I like to apply at least 2 coats on the bottom lashes (It really opens up the eyes)
- (Optional) You can put mascara on the top lashes to blend your real lashes and the falsies together
* Apply Silk Teddy (A Pinkish Shimmer) to the inner corners of the eye (on the top and bottom)

* Contour with Velvet Revolver (Taupe) on the Nose, Cheekbones, and Jaw Line
- Start from the top of the eyebrow (or the middle of the nose for a more natural look), Right underneath the Cheekbone, and the bottom sides of the face.
- When Contouring, the more compact the bristles are, the more color will be deposited. The looser the bristles are, the more natural it will be.  For contouring, try to find a medium sized brush and a blending brush.
- You can also use your fingers to contour and blend with a blending brush
- Click Here for more details on how to contour
* Use the Silk Teddy (Pink Shimmer) to highlight on top of the cheekbones (In a Semi-Circle from the top of the cheek towards her Temple), Lightly Above her Eyebrows, and Lightly down the bridge of her nose. Blend.
- (Optional) For more Sparkle/Shimmer, Highlight the cheeks with Nude Beach (Champagne w/ Gold Flecks).
* Apply Blush. I used the Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush to give a natural glow. Blend Well.
* Apply powder to set the Makeup.  You can use loose or pressed powder. I used the Make Up For Ever H.D. Powder to lightly dust over the face.

* Apply lipstick or Gloss. I used the Clear M.A.C. LipGlass

So.. I hope you watch my video, rate me 5 stars, and rock the Wondergirls look!

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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