Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I have had MAC LIPGLASS in my makeup bag since I was in High School.

* They come in many colors, but I like the standard clear one.

* It is one of the thickest lip glosses out there. Some people may find it to be too sticky, but this baby makes your lips SHINE! You probably don't want to wear this on a really windy day since your hair will be sticking to your lips~

* It's great to use over your natural lips for a beautiful glossy look, or layered over lipstick to make your lips really stand out

* You can use a dab of this gloss to tame unruly brows

* It contains Jojoba Oil and can be used anywhere
(I've actually used this on the eyes for a photo shoot- Beautiful.. but can be really messy and lots of touch ups...)

This is one of my favorite glosses and I use it on all my makeovers. If you haven't tried it yet (HELLO... Have you been living under a rock???), go out and see what you think!

Retail Price: $14

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