Tuesday, November 10, 2009

True Blue Spa- Lay It On Thick Intense Moisture Shea Body Cream

Winter is right around the corner...which means... (cue the dramatic music) DRY SKIN!!!  How many of you get dry, flaky, reptile skin during the cold winter months?  My skin is pretty much dry all year round, but it can get ridiculous in the winter.

My Go-To cream for soft, smooth, can't keep your hands off skin? Lay It On Thick from True Blue Spa.  It's a line from Bath and Body Works and I have been using this baby since college.

It is very thick and heavy, but once it settles into your skin, you're left with soft and velvety skin that doesn't feel oily or greasy. 

I buy these creams by the bagful- Bath and Body Works has great sales. Stock up when you can.  And if you don't like it (GASP!), you can always return it to them.

One thing I didn't like was the scent.  It's kind of ... nutty... since it's made from Shea Butter. It's not a bad smell, but I tend to like lighter, flowery/fruity scents.  HOWEVER... a while ago, I went to the store and lo and behold.... they've created an UNSCENTED version!  Loves it!

So.... for all you out there that hate the effects of cold wind, dry heat, and freezing temperatures, you've found a new problem solver in Lay It On Thick.  May all your dry skin days be Gone With the Wind~*  ;)

Retail Price:
$20-10 oz.  
$15- 6 oz.

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