Thursday, November 19, 2009

Love Love Lenka

I just saw Lenka's show at Mercury Lounge last week and she is soooo good. You may have seen her video "The Show" playing on VH1 last year  (it's sooo cute) and now they are playing her song "Trouble is a Friend" (She's a "You Oughta Know" feature) and you've probably heard her in the background of Grey's Anatomy and 90210.

I saw Lenka headlining for Missy Higgins about a year ago and Crystal and I fell in love.  She has such great catchy songs, they're pretty short (good for someone like me who has no attention span), she has a beautiful airy voice, she's quirky, and she is just so so cute on stage!

Lenka has such a beautiful voice and her songs have good lyrics about life and love... and they all sound happy.  It's hard to find c.d.'s that you can play the whole c.d. through cause all the tracks are great. This is one of them.  Take a listen and see what you think~*

Click here to see a montage of all her songs... or below to check them out individually.  (I recommend the first and last~!)

1. The Show- Her most famous song~ Just enjoy the show! (One of my favorite videos and songs!)
2. Bring Me Down- Love this song~ "I won't let this burden bring me down!"
3. Skipalong- One of my favorite songs from her~ I'm gonna skip along quite merrily!
4. Don't Let Me Fall- Such a cute love song....
5. Anything I'm Not- Sometimes you get sick of yourself... good song to listen to when you feel that way
6. Knock Knock- Another great love song
7. Dangerous and Sweet- Dance song about having hurt feelings
8.  Trouble is a Friend- Trouble is my friend   ;)
9.  Live Like You're Dying- Song that makes you think about your life and hopefully enjoy and appreciate it
10. Like a Song-  oohh... we don't really like this song.....  (sorry lenka)....but it's the only one
11. We Will Not Grow Old- Song about how you may grow older.. but you can still be young at heart

Lenka is an amazing talent that also seems to be an awesome person.  Show Lenka some love!  =)

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