Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween '09

So originally I was planning on going as either Lady Gaga in her bubble costume... but I haven't been to the gym and it was way too cold to be walking around NY in a bathing suit.

So instead... I decided to go as an Angel/Devil in Disguise. I wore my Alice and Olivia dress, put on my halo and wings that I got at T.J. Maxx, and walked around in pink flip flops. I loved my costume!

Unless it's something REEEAAALLLY hard to make, I am all about D.I.Y. I usually rock some sort of fairy wings every year... so I tried to move away from it this year... but I couldn't resist. My all-time favorite costume still has to be the year I dressed up as Tinkerbell. I made everything~ including the Microfiber Dust Mitts with rolled up tissue pom poms/ Tinkerbell's slippers. I even had a glow in the dark wand from the Dollar Tree!!!

Anyways... This year London Susan and I walked all around NYC and we saw some pretty creative costumes. Some of my favorites were a father/daughter as Cinderella and Prince Charming, a father/son as Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster, 2 shower loofahs (SO CUTE), a robot that lit up, the grandfather from UP, and lots of Lady Gagas. I even saw a big male genitalia whizzing by (haha..) on the train.... kinda inappropriate in my view... but whatever~

My favorite couple costume: A sperm and a big Fried Egg. Hilarious!

Hope you all had a FABULOUS halloween and next year... don't spend over $50 on a costume that looks kinda cheap and not creative~ DIY!

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  1. Irene you are too funny!! i love reading ur blog!!!