Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Wonderfulness of "Wonderfalls"

Wonderfalls is a wonderful little show that never had a chance. It was on the FOX network and only aired 4 episodes.  Such a big mistake!!! This is one of my all time favorite shows.

I happened to come across this at the Library many years ago.  The DVD cover has a girl  with those red plastic toys that you held up to the light and clicked like a camera to see different pictures (any clue what those were called )  Weird.. I likey! I decided to try it out... what have I got to lose? It's FREE!

So I take it home.  1st episode... a little weird... what's going on?  By the 2nd and 3rd episode~ I'm hooked.  I fell in love with this show and made my boyfriend at the time and my 2 cousins watch it.  They all loved it.  Now why would such a good show like this be cancelled? Because FOX sucks and keeps putting on dumb reality shows instead of quirky, original shows that take TV to another level... But enough complaining...

The show centers on Jaye Tyler (Caroline Dhavernas), a recent Brown University graduate with a philosophy degree, who holds a dead-end job as a sales clerk at a Niagara Falls gift shop. Jaye is the reluctant participant in conversations with various animal figurines — a wax lion, brass monkey, stuffed bear, and mounted fish, among others — which direct her via oblique instructions to help people in need.

Sounds weird, I know.  Basically... she's a girl with tons of potential, but no desire to use it (I know there are a lot of you out there just like her!!!)  By luck/fate/magic, she comes to start seeing random animal figurines telling her to do things... which result in her helping people.

This is such a quirky, funny, cute, and original show.  I always complain that there isn't a lot of good t.v. out there (although the networks have definitely stepped up the game in the past few years), but this is definitely a great show~ Funny, Quirky, Heart-Warming.  I HIGHLY recommend it...  The story lines, The characters, The plot twists, The imagination... IT'S AWESOME!!!

So, if you are looking for something new to watch, want to lift your spirits, or need something to inspire you to be a better person... This is the show for you!  If even one person watches this show from this review, I will be happy~*

"Don't surround yourself with total narcissists. Otherwise, things start to be about something other than you."

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