Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Decleor Aromessence Baume

This is the only product that I have from Decleor, but I love it!  It comes in a jar and has an almost waxy/oily consistency.  This is a great product for people with dry skin.  You only need a little amount of product, and it'll make a big difference.  After a while, the product will sink into your skin, leaving it feeling more moisturized and with a dewy glow.

The balm comes in many different scents- I have the Ylang Ylang and although I don't really like the smell ( I don't really like heavy, musky scents) my clients are always saying they love the smell and ask what I am using on them. I also have the rose one I use on myself and I love the scent.

You can use this as a night time moisturizer (or else put it on early enough before you head out so it sinks in) or as an aromatherapy balm (Put on your pulse points- Behind your ears, On your neck, wrists, and decolletage).

The way I like to use this product is at the end of the makeover, I press the product into the cheeks to give a dewy look (can you tell that I'm all about the dewy glow?)  It takes away the over-powdered look and also adds moisture to the skin.

It's not cheap, but a little goes a long way. Balms away!  =)

Retail Price: $69

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