Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So So Superb ~ SEPHORA

Sephora is one of my favorite stores (and that means a lot because I LOOOVE to shop).  Where else can you play with makeup, receive samples, explore new products and brands... all within one store that has an excellent return policy?

I can spend hours and hours in Sephora.  They are the beauty store for product junkies.  If you don't know what Sephora is because there isn't one around you (WHERE DO YOU LIVE???) or you just never came across it (WHAT?!?!?), you MUST at the very least go to ~  If you do have one by you, you MUST go and experience the greatness that is Sephora (And if you don't have one by you... it's a great time to move)   ;)  Oh, and if you're not a Beauty Rewards Insider, stop being lazy and go get yourself a card~ You earn points for every $ you spend there. I have over 1,000 points (and a low bank account balance)

Sephora carries hundreds of brands and thousands of products.  They also have their own Skin and Cosmetics line, and they have lots of special value sets that they don't sell anywhere else.  Now, they have also created something that I believe every woman could use in their home~  a book.

SEPHORA- The Ultimate Guide To Makeup, Skin, And Hair From The Beauty Authority  is a fantastic book that gives TONS of information for makeup newbies and professionals alike.  They also have a great list of Sephora's 100 must-haves ... which I probably have about 95 of ( Hello. My name is Irene Kim and I am a product junkie)

I really enjoyed reading this book~ It's an easy read, there's tons of great tips from professionals, beautiful pictures, and great product recommendations. 

Here's a list of the Chapters so you get an idea of what the book is about:

1. What is Beauty?
2. Faking It
3. Try This at Home
4. Quick Fixes
5. Skin Smarts
6. Tools of Attraction
7. Meet the Masters
8. Secret Ingredients
9. Product Shopping Guide: Sephora's 100 Must-Haves
10. The Future of Beauty

Now run to your local library to check it out (Don't be one of those moochers who sits around in Barnes and Nobles and reads a whole book while buying one coffee. They do not "WANT" you to sit and read as my friends like to tell me. It is a book STORE... BUY A BOOK!), go to or to find it for cheap, or at a bookstore nearest you.

Retail Price: $27.95

May you learn and be inspired to be the most beautiful you that you can be!

"Beauty is confidence and a kick-ass style that's unique to you.  It's about reinventing yourself throughout life.  Don't stop at pretty- go for gorgeous all the time.  Life isn't a dress rehearsal"
-Jerrod Blandino (Creater of Too-Faced)

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