Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Brilliance that is TRAVIS

I like to say that a life without music is a life without passion.  Music is a huuuuuuuuuuge part of my life.  I NEED music in my life.  I constantly have music from IMEEM or PANDORA playing when I'm home/work, I have the radio and c.d's blasting in the car, and if I somehow don't have music playing around me.. it's usually playing in my head.

That said... I obviously am very passionate about music.  I love all types of music~ Pop, Rock, Easy Listening, Country... If it has a catchy melody and lyrics, I'll probably like it.  From all the hundreds of songs and artists that I listen to, love, and admire... TRAVIS is a band that plays a large part in the soundtrack to my life.

I was first introduced to TRAVIS in London by my friend Susan. I remember hanging out in her room listening to music on her computer when the song "The Weight" came on.  It was kinda catchy... kinda sounded old fashioned... "What song is this?"  I asked.  "You've never heard 'The Weight' before?!? It's a really famous song!" was her reply.  She told me it was by this Scottish band she liked called TRAVIS. Oh, the lead singers cute I thought...She then played a few other songs of theirs for me and my life was changed~

TRAVIS has a style similar to Coldplay, Keane, and Snowpatrol (but TRAVIS been credited as having paved the way for these bands). Coldplay front man Chris Martin has even called himself the Poor Man's Fran Healy (lead singer of Travis)

Over the past 7 years since I first heard about them in London, I have played their songs constantly in my life~ Many of their songs have positive messages and are happy songs. I recently was able to go see them at Joe's Pub in NYC with Susan... and it was amazing.  I have been to maaannnnny concerts... but to hear the songs that have been such an important part of my life was a great moment.  I even went back the next night to their sold out show... luckily I was able to get in (ahh. the power of positive thinking!)

Not only are TRAVIS extremely talented... they (Fran Healy and Andy Dunlop were the only ones I met) are sooo humble, nice, and funny. They spent the night meeting and greeting all their fans.  So cool~*

Anyways... If you've never heard of TRAVIS, check them out because they rock! 

Here are my favorite songs of theirs:
* Sing- (Written about his wife... and originally written as "Swing")
* Why Does It Always Rain On Me (Written in 10 minutes on a rainy day while on "holiday")
* Flowers In The Window- (About finding someone you love and raising children together)
* Love Will Come Through (Written for the movie "Moonlight Mile" with Jake Gyllenhaal)
* Side- One of my favorite songs with great lyrics
* My Eyes (Written about his son)
* Driftwood (Inspired by a scene from the sitcom "Cheers")
* Writing To Reach You (Written by Fran while high on gas heaters reading Franz Kafka's "Letters to Felice")
* 20 (The First song that Fran wrote when he was 19 years old)


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  1. I'm happy you finally got to see them in concert! Even happier that you got to meet them the second night, although slightly jealous you got to see them again without me!!! Thanks for the signed CD, it a great way to remember all the funny stories he told that night.