Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eyeliners and LORAC Front of the Line PRO Review

Eyeliner. Ahhh how I love eyeliner. From the first time I started wearing eyeliner at the age of 12... my life (and eyes) were forever changed. For those that have seen me without eyeliner, you know what a difference a little eyeliner (or a lot in my case) can make
I don't understand people that don't like eyeliner. IT'S AMAZING! Forget lipstick. Forget blush. If you want to add a lot of oomph with little effort~ eyeliner is the way to go. My love of eyeliner has earned me the nickname of "Eyeliner Girl" and I wear it (and my eyeliner) proudly!

So, as you can obviously see... I love eyeliner. When I was younger, I started out with pencils, but I was never quite happy with them. Then in High School, I discovered my favorite Maybelline Eyeliner. I used that up until a few months ago... WHEN I FOUND OUT IT WAS DISCONTINUED!!!!! And the worst part was that I ...the Queen of Hoarders... was unable to stock up in time. I was extremely disappointed... but since I had to find a new eyeliner... I am able to give all my beautiful readers (is anyone out there???) my reviews of eyeliners that I now use.

Waterproof: MAC LiquidLast Eyeliner- My friend Grace Woo Lee (who I am forever indebted to) introduced me to this marvel 2 years ago.

* I did my eyeliner test at a water park and it LASTED. If anything, it's really hard to get off (You either need to get an oily eyemakeup remover or use a cold cream like I do).

* The texture is a little thick (almost a little plasticky), but if you are going to a wedding or a funeral, this is the eyeliner to wear. It does not budge. This is the eyeliner I will be buried in. not to be too morbid or anything.... =T

Retail Price: $16.50

Everyday: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner- My dear friend Angela (who apparently knows her stuff in makeup!) used to use this in college. I had tried it and hated it. But over the years, I'd heard so much about this product that I decided to buy it on duty free on my way to Africa. Best duty free purchase I've ever made! I tested out that eyeliner working hours and hours of carrying stones, shoveling dirt, on the dusty roads of African Safari and let me tell you~ I've never been so dirty in my life, but BOY did my eyes look fabulous!

* The texture takes a little getting used to and it may take a while to get used to using an eyeliner brush if you haven't before

* The product goes on really smoothly. When it first dries, make sure not to smudge it because once it sets.... it is set. for good.

* The gel eyeliner has very good staying power but it is not as strong as the M.A.C. This is good for almost everyone for everyday or special occasions.
Retail Price: $21

Now here is my review of the LORAC Front of the Line PRO Eyeliner

I just recently came upon this eyeliner after reading reviews on Sephora. It was sold out. That was a good sign. I was able to find the last one in store.

* This eyeliner is good for people who don't like/aren't used to brushes. It is similar to a felt tip pen. A lot of people are nervous about wearing liquid eyeliner... this is perfect for newbies. If you can make a straight line with a pen, you can use this eyeliner. If you can't make a straight line... I suggest you practice because if you're reading this.. you're old enough to make a straight line! ;)

* The eyeliner is almost like a stain. It places it wherever you put it and doesn't budge. If you don't have a steady hand, it might take some work, but this is a great eyeliner to learn with.

* I don't use this everyday, so I'm still new to the product, but I find that when I do wear it, it lasts pretty much all day. Even when I rub my eye back and forth as a test, my finger is clean.

* This eyeliner is really good for people on the run. You literally swipe it on, and you're all set. No waiting. No drying. You put it on and you're good to go. It just may become my favorite~*

Retail Price: $22

So... those are my reviews of my favorite eyeliners. For all you ladies who don't wear eyeliner because you're afraid, you think it smears, or you've never tried it.... There's a whole world of eyeliner out there and there's one just for you!


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