Friday, October 16, 2009

Using a Sponge for Foundation

Hello everyone! It is getting VERY cold here on the East Coast...Dress warmly!!! The only thing I like about the cold is the natural glow we get~*

So I was doing a makeover the other day and I decided to try something different. Instead of putting on foundation with a foundation brush as I usually do, I decided to try with a sponge. Instead of using the plastic wedges, I used a Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge that I bought from Target.

I fell in love. I've used other sponges on me, but luckily, I have pretty good skin so I couldn't tell the difference as much (although I was happy with the results). My model Kayla also has great skin, but it's easier to see how products work better on other people and I was definitely able to see more of a difference with her.

Using the sponge had a few perks that made me prefer it to the foundation brush:
1. I felt that I had to use much less product. Sometimes I feel like I'm smearing foundation all over a person's face when I use a brush. On the other hand, a sponge places foundation exactly where they need it with minimum amount of product
2. There's less work with a sponge. Since you're using less product and the sponge doesn't have the lines that foundation brushes can sometimes create, you have a lot less blending to do. Makes my job easier and is better for people who don't really know how to put on makeup!
3. The sponge gives almost an airbrushed quality. I guess because it's rounded, there's no place that it really starts or stops... so the makeup has a very nice, flawless look that reminded me of the effects you can get with an airbrush. It's a lot more work to achieve that look with a foundation brush

Now I'm not sure yet how well the sponge works with problem skin. For people that have lots of acne or pimples, they may find it easier and quicker to get coverage with a foundation brush or their fingers.

I have used the Sonia Kashuk (Blue) Blending Sponge. They also have a purple one that one reviewer said does not work as well (I will post as soon as I test it out). The Make Up Forever Ellipse Sponge is shaped differently and has a different texture, but seemed to have the same outcome.
They are both thicker and different material than the wedges that come in packets. They are also more expensive, but I think they are worth the investment. Make sure to wash them well with soap, squeeze out all the excess soap, and you should be able to have the sponges for at least a few months!

The original sponge was the Beauty Blender . I haven't tried it yet because I really wonder if I want to spend over $20 on a sponge... but I will have to see if it worth all the hype.. or if Sonia Kashuk's $10 sponge works just as well.

I have become a sponge convert. Will you too? ;) Let me know what you prefer!
Ways to Use the Sponge
1. Depending on the sponge wet and squeeze out all excess water. You want the sponge to expand, but don't want it to be wet.
2. Apply foundation to your hand or palette. Putting it directly on the sponge may give you too much product.
3. I like to use the rounded side of the sponge for all over and the sharper parts for corners of the face (by the nose, around the eyes, and specific problem areas that need more work)
4. Use little product at first and add more as necessary.
5. When washing the sponge, use soap and keep squeezing until you don't see foundation on the sponge anymore (or as much as you can wash away). Squeeze out all excess water and let dry. I think that it will last longer (or have less foundation on the sponge) if you wash every time you wash it... but it's really up to you as to how you care for sponge

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