Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lush Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

Now I’m not a fan of bar soap. I feel like many of them tend to leave a film on the skin, or leave my skin too dry. This is one soap that I love. I first discovered it on the streets of London back in 2003 when I would roam around the high streets. This was way before they had LUSHes in America, so it was awesome to find a store filled with bath goodies and delicious smelling products.

I’ve never really been a honey scent kind of girl… but it was love at first smell. First off… the soap is a light yellow with a honey comb end~ SO CUTE! Second, it has a sweet but not overpowering honey/milky scent. It’s kind of hard to describe a scent, but it is just DI-VINE!

The soap has a great scent, gives lots of nice bubbles if used with a loofah or the Korean bath towels, and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling filmy OR dry! It’s a little expensive for soap, but get a small one and it’ll definitely be worth it. I just bought mine the other week and can't wait to open it up and bring back lovely memories of London~* Get Honey I Washed the Kids and have a BEEE-autiful day! ;)

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  1. I DEEESSSPIIIIISSSSSE bar soap....makes my skin feel the worst....but I'll give this one some consideration per your recommendation...