Saturday, February 20, 2010

For Mature and Dry Skin - Shiseido Benefiance

In honor of my Mother's Birthday, I'm reviewing one of her favorite lines.

My Mother and Grandmother used the Japanese Skin Care line Shiseido for as long as I can remember.
They both had the most AMAZING skin. My mother had the softest softest skin around (I used to love pressing my cheek against hers when she'd come in from the cold)

Although it is meant for mature skin (because it is sooo sooo moisturizing), I used it a lot when I was younger...
I went to the Shiseido counter at Macy's a while ago and when I asked if this product would be good for my skin, the Asian lady assumed I was in my 30's (GRRRR!!!) and said I didn't need it until I was much older.
She doesn't know what she's talking about.

If you have really dry skin, I highly recommend this line. It was my go-to when nothing else would work on my skin (Before I discovered Creme de La Mer)

The Shiseido Benefiance line is extremely moisturizing, sinks in pretty quickly, has a great smell, and leaves you with beautiful, touchably soft skin.
I like the Revitalizing Emulsion and Balancing Softener the best, but the Creamy Cleansing Foam is also good to remove all traces of makeup. (Most liquid formulas aren't very moisturizing, but the Balancing Softener is great)

Shiseido's breakthrough technology and luxuriously-textured treatment collection rewards maturing dry skin by reinforcing skin's structure to resist the signs of aging and allow mature skin to flourish. With Shiseido's targeted antiaging ingredients and enzyme technology, including its exclusive TRA Revitalizer, Benefiance works in synergy with skin's own natural rhythms to prevent and improve wrinkles, sagging, and roughness.

1. Shiseido Benefiance Creamy Cleansing Foam $34
Step one: Removes makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. Work this luxuriously foaming cleanser into a rich lather and massage over the face, then rinse.

2. Shiseido Benefiance Enriched Balancing Softener $42
Step two: Soften after cleansing by saturating a cotton pad with this balancing toner, and wipe gently over the face. This ultra-rich, hydrating, age-targeting lotion softens skin and exfoliates surface cells for a smoother, younger look as it intensifies the effects of your moisturizing treatment.  
3. Shiseido Benefiance Daytime Protective Emulsion SPF 15 $48
Step three: Moisturize each morning by smoothing this silky emulsion over the face. Its ultra-moisturizing formula defends against the visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, loss of elasticity, cell damage, and other consequences of exposure to UV rays.

4. Shiseido Benefiance Revitalizing Emulsion $51
Step four: At night, apply this rich nighttime moisturizing emulsion to diminish the appearance of fine lines and fatigue while you sleep.

I highly suggest getting the Shiseido Benefiance Nutri-Perfect Age Defense Set  from Bloomingdales (or wherever you can find it).
For $88 (at a $130 value), you have your whole skin care regimen in one great and luxurious set.

Benefiance NutriPerfect Day Cream SPF 15 is a powerful protective day cream especially formulated for mature skin experiencing wrinkles, discolorations, and loss of resilience associated with the hormonal changes due to aging. 
The Benefiance NutriPerfect Age-Defense Set includes a full size Benefiance NutriPerfect Day Cream SPF 15, travel size samples of Benefiance Creamy Cleansing Foam and Benefiance Enriched Balancing Softener, and a sample of Benefiance NutriPerfect Night Cream.

So, if you want amazingly soft, beautiful skin... this is the set for you.
I don't normally follow one line for a full skin-care regimen, but the Shiseido Benefiance line gets the Irene Kim Seal of Approval.   (XoXo)   

P.S. Thanks for all the commentary and thoughts about my mother! 
It really meant a lot to me and I'm sure she'd be very happy to know she's still remembered~ *
Keep an eye out for those rainbows!  =)

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~* 


  1. I used to work for shiseido and swear by their skincare! great post IK!~~

  2. I would start using this line in a few years when I reach my 30s, but so far I've been using the lip treatment and it's pretty moisturizing. For my review: