Friday, February 5, 2010

My Life- In Perfumes

I love things that smell.  Candles, Reed Diffusers, Scratch and Sniff Stickers... I love it all.
A lot of people are sensitive to smells... but I say bring it on!!!
It's funny how scent affects people differently. One person's favorite scent can make another person want to vomit. (My friend Amie likes the smell of skunk... she thinks it smells like Sesame Oil..... don't ask....)

Here's a list of scents I don't like: Patchouli (I may be more of a hippie now.. but I don't think I can ever wear this), Musky scents,Vanilla, and Products that smell like Baked Goods are a few.

I have worn many many perfumes over the years.  When I smell these scents, they can bring me back to different periods in my life.  It's kind of like looking at old photographs...
So here's a trip down memory lane... Come along for the ride~*

Electric Youth: (Grammar School)-  Debbie Gibson made a perfume in the 80's to go along with her Electric Youth album (It was AWESOME!!!).  My cousins made so much fun of me for having it, but whatevs... it was cool!!!! (How many times did I play this song? IDK.... but it's probably in the thousands since I'm listening to it again now!)

Love's Baby Soft: (Middle School)-  I loved the little pink bottle... I don't think I loved the Baby Powder Scent as much... but I used the whole bottle... I'm curious as to how I'd like it now....

Ck1: (7th/8th Grade)- Who didn't wear this Unisex scent back in the day?  Sooo nostalgic when I smell this

Gap Dream: (8th Grade/High School)-  Oh, the memories that flood my mind when I smell this scent!  I still use it to this day. (I LOVED this ad)

Estee Lauder Pleasures: (9th Grade)- My first boyfriend Andrew gave me this as a gift for Valentines Day (along with a box of Russell Stovers Chocolates and Bear... I had the chocolates for years... haha.. my friends thought it was the most disgusting thing ever... it kinda was).  Brings back memories of High School

Ralph Lauren Romance: (High School/College)- Grace got me this as a gift one year.  I used most of it.. but I found it kinda strong for me.  Regardless.. it's very nostalgic when I smell it now.

Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll: (College)- This is MY scent.  I love everything about this perfume. The advertising, the bottle, the scent.  I've probably gone through 1 big bottle and 2 small bottles. I bring it whenever I travel and I have one at my apartment and at my dad's house.  I want my casket to be sprayed with this scent when I'm dead and gone.

Bobbi Brown Beach: I LOVE this smell. It's so nostalgic and puts me in a peaceful state of mind... It really reminds you of being on the beach.  Sometimes I like to mix this with the Baby Doll perfume.

Issey Miyake Pour Homme/ Chanel Allure Pour Homme Sport: "Why do you smell like a guy?" my friends have asked. The summer I turned 25, I hung out with Haines and Joe a lot... and they smelled so so fabulous that I decided I wanted to smell like them.  Haines wore Ralph Lauren Purple Label (He threatened to start charging me for each spray after I kept using his bottle!) and Joe wore Issey Miyake.  I like the way guys smell.. and I feel like my own PH Balance makes it more feminine...
[Who knows... maybe this is what's keeping the good guys at bay?]

There have been others that have come and gone... but these are the ones that are truly a part of my life, memories, and history.  
What's your Perfume History......?

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*


  1. "I love things that smell."<==== is that so?!?!...they you'd LOOVVEEE my basketball sneakers! I'm totally a sucker for perfumes on girls...I've even caught myself momentarily considering kicking it to girls who I don't find in the slightest bit attractive just because they smelled good...but fortunately it's not intoxicating enough to keep my shallow side at bay...CK1==> timeless classic!...I Love Estee Lauder PLEASURES on the ladies as well...random story: so this one girl I was totally smitten for in 12th grade...we were hanging out one time and she smelled so delicious and I asked what she was wearing..she told me RL rOMANCE...but she only had little tester that she had gotten from a friend..yet she loved I remembered it...and when her bday came around like a month later..I surprised her with it and she was so blown away that I even remembered which perfume she had on that day. Probably the only thoughtful thing I've ever done. In the end..we did not end up together and we did not have sexy time. But RL Romance will always hold a special place in the heart of me. The End.

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