Friday, February 26, 2010

Come Fly With Me~ Beauty On A Plane


I have traveled all over the world so I've been on plenty of flights over the years.
Personally, I don't like flying. I hate the packing, the checking in, the long cold flights.
It's sooo stressful for me before I have to fly.
If there was a time machine or something that could zap you from one place to another so you wouldn't have to fly, I'd be the first one to sign up!

I'm the annoying girl in the airport who's carrying a million bags, taking forever to load everything into the x-ray trays, bumping into you in the aisles to get to my seat, and taking out a million things for the first ten minutes of the ride.
Sorry... I come with lots of baggage (Figuratively and Literally!)  ;)

I've always been the one who brings a suitcase to sleep over my friends house, so you can imagine how much crap I bring on a trip. 
I HATE when I want/need something and find that I've left it at home.  The Virgo in me likes to be prepared.  However... I tend to pack like I'm never coming home...

Anyhoo... As someone who has traveled all over Europe, the major cities in America, Parts of Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and South America... I have been on a lot of plane rides.
Here is my guide to things you should have on an airplane to be as efficient and comfortable as possible.

The past few trips, I've been quite proud of myself for packing much lighter than usual~
Last Spring when I went to Honduras with London Susan was a first for light packing. 
Now the only reason I packed light was because I hadn't packed beforehand and I was hung over. =P
(I thought Susan was going to kill me!)
I packed a few shirts, a few pants, my toiletries/makeup, and a bathing suit. And that was all I needed!
OMG... I don't have to schlep my whole life in a suitcase... and I survived??? What a concept!

* When packing your suitcase, Roll your clothes or get one of those Space Bags. (I've actually never used the space bags... but I think it would save lots of space if you're a pack rat like me)
Stuff clothes and little things into your shoes to make more space
* Buy mini versions of everything you can~ You can usually buy mini toiletries at drug stores.
(Now is the time to use all the free shampoo/conditioner from hotels and Mini Gift w/ Purchases)
It's also convenient to buy empty travel size jars and bottles to fill with your things. 
The smaller the better (Especially if you're only bringing a Carry-On. You don't want to watch them chuck your expensive lotion in the trash bin!!! It's so sad!)
* Don't check anything really expensive into your baggage.  I always bring my jewelery with me. You never know what could happen.

What To Wear:
* When dressing for a flight, wear lots of layers.
Planes always tend to be really cold, and those dinky blankets they give you aren't going to do much.
(Right now, I'm wearing 2 Tank Tops, My "I Africa Africa" T-shirt, a Nike Pull-Over, my Traveling Sweatshirt (aka Josh's white Volcom Sweatshirt that I borrowed but refuse to give back  ;) hee hee), and my North Face)
- Wear comfortable shoes that can slip on and off easily.  Sneakers are a good bet, High Heels with buckles and Straps are not.
- I recommend wearing a scarf/pashmina as you'll look fashionable and chic, it'll keep you warm, and you can use as a makeshift blanket.

What To Bring On The Plane:
- Baby Wipes and Hand Sanitizer. Planes are germ machines. You can wipe down the head rests/arm rests. Use it to clean your hands and refresh your face.
- An All In One Moisture Stick/Moisturizer-  Find a product that you can use on your Face, Hands, and Lips.  Airplanes suck the moisture out of everything.  I like to use the Josie Maran Mini Argan Stick or Bliss Problem Salved. I also like the Rosebud Salve.
- Eye Drops are really important (especially if you wear contacts) because your eyes will probably get dry. It'll also refresh you and wake you up if you sleep on planes. 
If you can get a moisturizing Redness Relieving Eye Drop, I recommend it.  Just because you're on the Red Eye Flight doesn't mean you should have red eyes.
- Headphones and MP3 player.  I am obsessed with music, so I couldn't survive a plane ride without it.
You can just bring along your own headset and listen to/Watch the radio/movie on the plane.
- Something to read/write with.  I have no attention span... so if i'm not sleeping... I need to be doing something~ 
I bet you don't get to read as often as you like. Bring a book you've been meaning to read. 
If you don't have the patience to read, I love Audio Books for times when you're stuck in one place for a long time (Planes, Car Rides)
* I also like to get guidebooks for the places I'll be at.  You can really gain a lot more from your trip by learning the history of the sights to see, and the places to eat are usually great recommendations.  I like Fodors and Let's Go the best.
- Candy and Gum.  Chew gum when you're taking off and landing~ It'll help your ears from popping. Candy's good to have around if you get kinda hungry... and if the person next to you has bad breath!
- I try to bring some type of food. Whether it's snacks, fruit, or fast food I pick up, I'm always glad I have something to snack on mid-flight.
- Aspirin- I usually pop two Advil/Tylenol before a flight.  I'm usually really sore from lugging my heavy suitcases and you're gonna be sitting in one spot for hours.  It should help for minor aches and pains... like the baby crying right behind you!  ;)

When on flight, make sure to get up and stretch your legs at least once (Yeah.. that's me doing yoga stretches in the back while waiting for the bathroom)
 Your legs need to get some circulation, and it's nice to get out of that small seat!

So, I hope you get to see as much of the world as you can.  Be prepared and you'll be all set!
There's a whole lot of world out there.  
Go and explore! Have an adventure!
And do it looking and feeling as fabulous as you can!

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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