Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello Humidifier~*

Winter is here and kicking.  Along with the crisp-clean air and beautiful snow falls comes frigid cold weather and dryness in the house.
Lower your thermostat (it's expensive, uses a lot of energy, and dries out your skin!) and plug in a humidifier

As a kid, my parents always brought out the humidifier come winter time.  I used to love sticking my face in it and giving myself a "facial" (or whatever reason I did it as a kid.... I did a lot of weird things...)
My dad still brings out the humidifier every year and I have picked up the habit in my own apartment.
I notice that not many of my friends (if any) do the same, so I thought I would give you a little beauty tip that you probably don't follow. Get a humidifier!

There are two types of humidifiers: Warm and Cold Mist
* Warm Mist Humidifiers are better if you find sauna's easier to breathe in. They tend to be quieter, but require more cleaning
* Cold Mist Humidifiers are better if you find a sauna hard to breathe in. They may also make breathing easier for people with asthma/allergies

According to an online article, there are a few reasons why you should have a humidifier in your home:

Often times, if your humidification levels are low, you are going to have dry skin. Your skin will not have the elasticity it needs. 
Other symptoms could include joint pain, muscle pain, raspy throat, sore eyes, and even difficulty concentrating. 
In general, if your humidity levels are too low, you may experience a constant discomfort.
When you have humidity in the air, you feel more relaxed, more at ease, and more comfortable.

And here is a list of the benefits of a humidifer: 
* Relieves and prevents dry, scratchy skin and lips
* Can help relieve cold symptoms by making the air you breath moist, which helps keep your lungs more elastic
*  Reduces nosebleeds by keeping the air moist
* Keeps wood furniture from drying and cracking

There are so many types of humidifiers that you can buy. I currently use a small and simple one that I got at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (they should pay me for all the advertising I do for them!) for about $30, but I'm going to invest in a better one (Mine can be a little loud and has a blue light.... good for you if you like white noise and are scared of the dark...)

I REALLY want to get the Zen Humidifier that my friend  Jenny (Geek In Heels) wrote about... but I can't seem to find it anywhere   =(

If you do have a humidifier, don't forget to keep it clean. It says that you should clean it weekly if you use the humidifier daily, but who really has time for that. I would try to do it every two weeks to a month.

So, pick yourself up a humidifier and say bye bye to dry.... air   ;)

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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