Wednesday, March 3, 2010

L.A. Makeup Show Review

I've been a bad bad girl.
No, I haven't gotten arrested  in L.A. or run off to Vegas to marry a cute boy I met at a bar
(You can all breathe a sigh of relief)
The trouble I'm talking about is one of my biggest FOES.... my shopping habit.

(Long Sigh... ) Two days of Makeup Makeup Makeup at The Makeup Show... How could I resist?
I was really proud of myself for only buying one thing the first day.  Of course it was a really expensive Brush Set... but still.... I had some semblance of self control.
Then I went back the next day. And I bought one thing.  Then I picked up a few other things.  Before I knew it, I had a huge bag filled with little bags of this and that. =T
Well... it may be bad for my bank account (Who needs to eat everyday anyways....), but it's good for you because I have lots of goodies to review for all of my FABULOUS readers!

I have sooooo many different things to review! So as not to overwhelm you... I will give you an introduction to some of the Vendors at the Makeup Show. I'll be giving more in-depth product reviews later.

* Beauty Stores~ Where The Pros Go To Find Products You Don't Know About  =)

Alcone- Located in NY, this is where the pro's shop for beauty emergencies to makeup for Special FX

Naimes- Located in North Hollywood (The Valley), they have tons of cosmetic lines and kits that you can't get anywhere

Nigels Beauty Emporium- Located in  North Hollywood, they have lots of goodies and discounts

* Brushes:

Crown Brush- Everyone should get Crown Brushes (Luna Series). I use them more than my expensive brushes
Hakuhodo- These are hard-core Hand Made in Japan Brushes. Not cheap... but worth it.

Companies You Probably Know/ What the Pros Use

Make Up For Ever- A favorite of Pros. Great from Everyday Makeup to Extreme Body Art.
Smashbox- Lots of innovative products.  I love their kits.  Go to their website and look up "Let's Do Lunch"
Stila- Lots of goodies. I like the kits they put together.

* Companies You Should Know/What the Pros use: 


Cover FX- Hard Core Makeup that can conceal tattoos, but contains ingredients that improve skin. Use very sparingly! The Kits are a great deal.
Embryolisse- This is the moisturizer that the Pro's have in their kits.  Can be used as a base, moisturizer, makeup remover
Eve Pearl- Known for her Salmon concealer to get rid of dark circles, Eve is a 5-Time Emmy Award Winner.
Face Atelier- Everyone raves about their foundations.  Their Zero Minus and Zero Plus can change your existing foundation if it's the wrong color!
Graftobian- They make good palettes, but they're especially great for Special FX and Body Art.
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics- Airbrush. Pigment. Lip Tars. Amazing. Enough Said.

* Mineral Makeup: 

Jane Iredale- Many salons carry their line and they're known for being a great natural line.  I liked their tinted moisturizer
Young Blood- Good products that are better for the skin. My skin looked great after using their products. I bought their blush in Tangier~ Gorgeous

* Interesting/ Something New:

Dinair- They are known for their airbrush, but I only bought some hair extension things (I'll do a review later...)
Shadow Shields- Great at preventing "Racoon Eyes" and Shadow Fallout when applying lots of Eyeshadow
Mai Couture- Oil Blotting/Bronzer Papers and Blush Papers.  Good to carry around/ For Travel

* Companies I'm Not Too Familiar With, But Have Heard About/ Was Impressed With:

Dermalogica-Used in tons of Spas and Salons.  Written about in tons of magazines. I'll be trying it out.
Inglot- A fairly new line~ I was really impressed w/ the High Pigment and variety of colors. They always sell out of their holographic AMC Lip Glosses at the makeup shows.
Yaby Cosmetics- Tons of colors come in small and convenient palettes.
* Everything is highly discounted at The Makeup Show.... so if you missed out on the L.A. Show, you better get your butts to the East Coast for The Makeup Show NYC on  May 16 and 17!!!

< OMG... This entry took me FOREVER to write. I hope SOMEONE gets something out of it!!!>

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*


  1. Lauren O&#39;JeaMarch 3, 2010 at 6:07 PM

    Can't wait to go to the New York show!! Definitely getting some crown brushes, and now you've got me interested in what Stila and Smashbox have to offer, I never thought of them as all that exciting, but their quality is great! Thanks for the review!

  2. Dermalogica is one of my favorite brand, especially recommendable to acne/sensitive skin.