Friday, March 5, 2010

1 Week in La La Land

So I have officially been in L.A. for over a week... and I'm loving every minute of it!

Initially, I wanted to get a part time job here.  And I actually could have gotten some work... but when I told them I'm only here for a month.. it was plain to see (by their expressions) that that was pointless.

So, I am here to enjoy the sun, clean up my life, make some new contacts, and study on my own to become the best makeup artist I can be.
How am I going to do that? Well.... I can't give away ALL my secrets!  ;)

While I am in L.A., I plan on going as long as I can without a car.  I like the look of surprise on everyone's face when I tell them I don't have a car.  I also like the fact that everyone says you NEED a car in L.A.  I'm up for the challenge. Let's see how long I survive sans car~
And for all you L.A. folk.. yes, that's me you see... The only person walking on the street, the girl running to catch a bus, and getting rides from generous friends, family, and strangers.   =P
* Big Thanks to John and Irene, Alex, Cha, Christina, Lulu, and the people from GBS for the rides! *

This week has been quite the whirlwind.
Celebrities:  I saw Amy Adams, the girls from Run's House, and met Ando from Heroes and Debbie Lee from the Next Food Network Star.
* I'm excited to go to the Oscars this Sunday to see the celebs.  I went to the BAFTAs in London and thought it was awesome.  This is the big guns.  I'm contemplating whether I should wear my own Oscar dress (haha)  ;)

OMG... Such good food in L.A.
I've been to Tito's Tacos, Joans on Third, Honey Pig (Ggool Dweh Ji), Sushi Roku, and Bread Bar so far. Reviews will be coming soon. They're all awesome.

SUNNY. No smog (as far as I can tell).
It DOES get really cold at night though.If you're coming to L.A., bring a warm coat.
(It's kind of like Africa.. You think it'll be really hot... but I'm shivering at night.)

So nice. So laid back. So chill.
From the bus drivers, the people that work the counters, to the people I've met... Everyone has been super friendly and nice.
"Interesting" People:
- The people at Venice Beach are really fun to watch. Lots of... hippies, punks, people that don't care what you think about them. Muscle Beach is fun to see all the jacked up oily people working out.
Check out the guy who steps on glass ~ he's hilarious.
- I had a young 14 yr. oldish boy getting off the bus say, "Hey, you want to have sex tonight?". I actually had to shout, "NO!" at him before he went away.

-I've been pretty good.  I like the fact that a lot of places have timed parking limits before you pay. It's like a game... Shop before the clock. haha
I went to town at the Makeup Show... but it's for work (Justification 1)
I went to a few consignment stores.... but I got great deals and for work~ Gucci boots for $70 and D&G shirt for $40 (Justification 2)
I love the Grove~ an outdoor shopping mall.  So cute. I only bought a small perfume I needed... for work
(Justification 3)

My California Experience So Far:
- I love where I live. The house I'm staying at is so cute and "California".  There's a garden (with Carrots, Rosemary, Greens, and Lavender), an actual Lemon Tree, a COMPOSTE  (How cool is that? My roomie's gonna hate when I get back home and start putting all the garbage on the balcony.. haha), and hummingbirds in the backyard!  I LOVE IT!
- The L.A. bus system is actually really simple.... for the most part. I'm just going along for the ride (haha)
- The L.A. Makeup Show was amazing. Got some really cool things and learned a lot. Don't miss NYC!
- I went to a church event and it was really amazing.  I heard a lot of things to make me think and I met some really nice people.  I feel like God is watching over me in the City of Angels.  I'm very blessed.
- I feel healthier here. I'm eating more fruit and healthier foods. I'm walking a lot.  I'm not very stressed.  I'm trying to change some bad habits (I still keep passing out from exhaustion).... Still working on it... but I'm very happy here.
- I'm getting a lot done. Even though I'm not "working" working (i.e. getting paid), I'm taking care of a lot of things that I need to do as a makeup artist.  Luckily, I have a lot of jobs lined up when I get back.  I can't wait to get back and do some faces!!!  =)
- I've seen a lot of L.A.~ K.Town, Downtown, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Venice Beach, Santa Monica.  I'll be going to Silver Springs tonight, Sacramento next week, and Buena Park to go to the Kenyan church at some point.

An "Irene" story     (Yeah... these things only happen to me... )     =T
* Don't feed seagulls at the beach!!! I bought some kettle corn and was eating it on the beach while watching the sunset. Suddenly I look up and there's a swarm of 20ish seagulls flying over me. Then they literally come right over my head. I was running across the beach screaming "OMG! OMG! OMG!" and people were like "WTH is going on"....                        
This bird was super aggressive and wouldn't go away  =(  
It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. (My friends know how scared of bugs/animals I am)
So in conclusion... DON'T FEED BIRDS!!! THEY'RE FLYING RATS!!!!!  *

There's so much to do, and what seems to be so little time.  Before you know it, I'll be back on the East Coast. Hopefully by the end of March I'll have missed all the snowstorms (haha... lucky me... I left the day before the first big one!) and can enjoy the smell of the beautiful Spring Air in NYC!
I'm like a bird. I migrate to where it's warm    ;)

So that's basically my life in the week that I've been living in L.A.
I love La La Land.... and La La Land seems to like me too!

Have a great weekend everyone! I know I will!

*~ Have a Beautiful Day!~*


  1. When I went there 2 years ago, everything in LA seemed so far apart. Walking anywhere seemed impossible! Hope you have a lot of fun and relax :] Your trip sounds so interesting. You didn't so many things in 1 week. I wish there's time to have a 1 month vacation :P Birds in general look frightening. Can't even imagine how hungry birds are!

  2. You bes' not sell us out son-son~ You remember what happened to 2Plac right? Got ock'd yo!

  3. irene, you still didn't get a car?! i thought you were getting one last weekend. ohmygoodness. that's pretty amazing. glad to hear you're enjoying this city so far.

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone~
    Anonymous.. Idk what you're saying.. but I think your my first death threat? haha.. I dont know...

  5. you seriously went at the right time. All we have here is rain and windstorms with trees falling everywhere. I wish I there...;(

  6. Abe... I can't believe you wrote the 2pac comment. you're crazy! ;)