Saturday, March 27, 2010

The World Does Not Revolve Around iRene- Why it's been Me, Me, Me.

"My significant other right now is myself, which is what happens when you suffer from multiple personality disorder and self-obsession" 
-Joaquin Phoenix

So I know I haven't done as many beauty-related articles this past month.  My apologies.
A few reasons for this:

 1. It's not Always Sunny in Philadelphia... but It's Always Sunny in L.A.  It was a loooot harder to keep up with the writing in California when I see the shining sun out the window.  No excuses... just the truth.

2.  I had trouble sleeping while in Cali.  The first few weeks, I would be busy all day and I'd literally pass out every single night as soon as I sat on the bed.  The last week, I had major insomnia (sleeping 2-4 hours on and off) and I couldn't even finish my sentences correctly ( I ended up talking like a Dyslexic a lot of times..... Good is Sleep....)

3.  When I did have time to write, I wanted to write about the things I experienced.  I didn't really keep in touch with my friends too much while I was in L.A. (other than the random texts and updates on Facebook), so I wanted to let them know what was going on in my life.  By the time I was done writing about myself, I had no desire to write about anything else (Keeping up with a blog is NOT easy people!!!)

4.  I justified my lack of writing with the fact that I was doing a lot of networking.  If I had any kind of interaction with you, I usually ended up giving you my card (And if you're lucky, my "pick-up" line)  ;)
I brought out 4 boxes of business cards (1,000 cards) to Cali.  I only got through 1 box (250 cards).  I'm pretty happy with that and am satisfied with my hustling efforts.

5.  Another thing that kept me from writing as much is that I'm trying to write articles that will really be helpful.  Personally, I'm trying to go towards a healthier, more natural approach to beauty.  I'm starting to do the research right now and trying to figure out what lines and products work best... but it's a process.  Until I do figure out my favorite "Natural" things, I'll still let u know what my standby's have been.

So, I'm back on the East Coast, and it feels great to be home.  I'm definitely more accustomed to the East Coast mentality. I missed the sound of horns honking and people yelling  =)

I was a lot more laid back in Cali (I'm sure they're thinking, "THAT WAS HER BEING LAID BACK?!?!") and I thought I'd bring it back home.
However, in the mad rush and scramble to pack and get to LAX airport, I think I lost my California Cool somewhere..... Sigh... I tried  =T

Anyways, I'm home and I'm back in action. So less articles about me and more things that are beauty relevant.   ("What do you mean the world doesn't revolve around me? My world does... and Your world revolves around You!" was my old saying)

Some people like when I write personal articles (I love my stalkers!) and other random subjects, and others suggest I should just stick to beauty.  What do you think?

I hope you realize that when I write about other things, it's just another form of beauty.
Everything I write about here is something I find beautiful~ 
I find more beauty in the lyrics to a great song or line to a movie than the newest shade of pink lipstick... but that's just me....

Anyhoo... Keep living, Keep loving, Keep Reading my Blog!

* And to any haters out there~ I probably won't publish any mean comments because I don't like negativity around me ... Especially if you post it as "Anonymous"... that's just being a chicken... and a turkey!~*      =)

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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