Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2nd Week in LaLa Land... and a Week in Sacramento

I have now been in L.A. for 3 weeks and it has been absolutely fabulous.
Here's what's been going on my second and third week living in California!

City of Angels:
- I walked from Venice/Muscle Beach all the way to Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade.  I think it was extremely far! At least 4 miles! But Alex's friends said it wasn't that far~ (What are you talking about?!?!  L.A. people drive to cross the street!!!).  I was tired and passed out after Alex cooked us a delicious Salmon dinner.  Thanks Alex! You're awesome!!!
- Joy, my fabulous friend from our Africa trip took me to Thai Town where we ate tons of delicious food.  We also went to Space Land in Silver Lake (where Zooey Deschanel films her crazy songs in the movie "Yes Man").  It was a lot of fun.  I took a 5-10 minute nap while she went to the bathroom. I'm very tired. haha
- I went to the Oscars to try and see some celebs like I used to in London.  L.A. stinks. They had gates and all the stars got dropped off in a different area so I couldn't see them (Although I did see Lenny Kravitz and George Clooney was across the street from me). 

- Kollaboration was a great show.  I especially liked the Mario Kart Love Song, Run/Fly/Fall, and the Indian dancing group Bhangra Empire.  I got to see Joseph Kahn, and take pictures with David Choi (of You-Tube fame) and Lisa Ling!

- Went to Japan Town and ate dinner at Kokekokko (a yakitori spot).
I couldn't eat much because everything was liver and kidney (Yuck!) I stuck to the Chicken, Quail Eggs, and Wagamama.
We went to the Brass Monkey afterwards (A bar with live Karaoke that a lot of celebrities go to).  I sang my go-to "Don't Look Back In Anger"... after the amazing girl who sang Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love".  haha... didn't feel like such a good singer after that... but it was fun!

L.A.-  El Pollo Loco, Okie Dog, Loteria, Thai Town
Sacramento/Napa/ San Fran- Pizzeria Classico had amazing garlic chips (garlic bread), Hog Island Oyster Company had the most amazing oysters, Oxbow Wine Merchant and Wine Bar had a great smoked salmon sandwich,  R&G Lounge had a yummy special beef dish (but I didn't absolutely love it there....), Jack In The Box was good... but made me feel sick in the morning. No more eating past midnight!   =P

I spent a lot of time in Sacramento visiting Josh's family.  I'm the stowaway houseguest.  It was a fun-filled action-packed week... but I'm EXHAUSTED.

Our flight to Sacramento was really fast and easy...but getting into Josh's house was not so easy.
After taking the shuttle van, getting to Alex's house and realizing Alex left his key in L.A., waiting for the Enterprise Rent a Car for an hour in the cold (I was dressed like an eskimo, Alex was dressed like he was going surfing), picking up the car and Alex's parents (whose car had broken down on their way to pick us up), I was exhausted.

- Josh's family lives in Fulsom, which is known for their prison (hence Johnny Cash's song Fulsom Prison Blues) and the fact that they were a mining town during the Gold Rush.
It's a very pretty area, with a nice mix of cows, open land, and lots of shopping and eating!
It kind of reminds me of the houses in Edward Scissorhands!

- Susan was very worried about me meeting her fiance's family (even warning me that I had to be nice to her in front of them), but by the end of the trip, Everyone was being mean and making fun of each other! It was great!!!  =)  (I always say you're only mean to the people that you're close with!)
- We were super busy checking out the outlets, taking engagement pictures, dinners with the family.  We even went bike riding!

- Susan, Josh, Alex (Josh's older bro) and I took a day trip to Napa Valley and San Francisco.  We went wine tasting in the city at 4 different wine bars and ate.... a heck of a lot.  It was really pretty gross.  Decadently delicious... but gross (Especially since the girls out-ate the boys!)

It was delicious.  If you can make it out, you should DEFINITELY check out Wine Country.  I'd like to go back in the Spring or Summer, when all the grapes are in season and I can stop them with my feet a' la "I Love Lucy" style!

- Josh's family is a wonderful All-American family and I felt blessed to have them be so kind and hospitable to me.  They never made me feel like the stowaway vactioner/ bottomless pit that I am.  Josh's mother always fed me her delicious home cooking (which is why I gained 10 lbs in 5 days!), his father was always there with a friendly smile and laugh, his amazingly youthful grandmother (of 17 grandkids!!!) was sooo cute, and his thousands of cousins were a delight to spend time with.
Warning: I think Josh's family is trying to take over the world. Be on the look out... There's a lot of them!  ;)

* I'm a big fan of Josh's youngest cousin Colin (soon to turn 6), who is hilarious and the cutest thing around!
Colin: This is me and Sister's hiding place (Referring to the walk-in closet)
Me: Have  you seen the elf in there?
Colin: No....... Does he grant 5,000 wishes???
Me: (Laughing hysterically) No....Not 5,000.....but he does grant wishes. But he's really hard to catch~ He's super fast.
Colin: (Doing the cutest super-hero pose) That's why I wish I had super powers!!! So I could catch him and get my wishes"
Me: You can't tell any adults about the elf.  But eat your vegetables and you might be able to catch him!

Missed Opportunities:
I was able to network a lot and meet lots of great people, but I didn't have any opportunities to do makeup... until I left L.A. (Just like when I got 6 calls to do makeup in NY while I was in L.A.!! The irony kills me~)
- The day before I left for Sacramento, I was asked to assist for a shoot with the amazing David Hernandez of Make Up For Ever.  Turns out it was for a NYLON Magazine shoot with Anna Lynn McCord from 90210!!!   =(
- While I was IN Sacramento, I was asked to assist the great Daven Mayeda on a shoot, and to do makeup for Lina So, an announcer for the 1040 movie premiere.  ARGH!!! Another missed opportunity!!!
- I was really really sad... but I'm kind of like the people who are nominated for Oscars or Emmy's, but don't win...  "It was an honor just to be nominated!!!"  haha....
* Sigh... I guess I'm not meant to be famous and world-renowned just yet.... I guess the world can't handle "Non-Stop"..... yet. I'll leave it all in God's hands.

So.  I have had many great opportunities, met many amazing people, gorged myself on scrumptious food, and had lots of great times.... all without a car!  I am Super-Woman.... I am Adventurous.... I am..... TIRED!

Only 1 week left in L.A~ I'm gonna enjoy the sun, see and do as much as I can, and live it up as long as possible!
Life is beautiful. I hope you feel as blessed as I do!

*~ Have a Beautiful Day~*


  1. What a week! I think weight gain is inevitable when vacationing. Always great foods to try :]

    If they had a way to contact you with all those great opportunities once, they'll be able to again. No worries! ^__^ Those sounded like amazing offers though. I think just being asked to work with those kind of people sound fun and exciting!

    Have lots of fun during your last 1 in LA!

  2. So glad you're having fun and lots of new experiences. Mom thinks you're hilarious. Oh and it's spelled "Folsom." Bring back my sweatshirt!

  3. omg hii i hope u remember me i bumped into u with my friend the other nite.. at a fat burger in hollywood. angel is the name i told u i would leave a comment on ur blogg i say u post our pics up. and i peeped u out u actually made me think of gettin u to my make up like u do those male models cus it looks natural and thats the look i like a on boiis if they do wear make up . hit me up on twitter. make one its a must!!!!

  4. hey angel!!! Of course I remember you!!! I will definitely be putting up the pictures of us. Email me at and I'll send u the pics! You kept your end of the deal. Now where's Anthony's comment?? ;)