Friday, March 4, 2011

Old School Girl In A Fast Paced World

Recently, I've been noticing how I'm constantly talking about how old I am.
I realize I need to stop doing this (because it's annoying and makes me seem REALLY OLD).
However, I can't help feeling that things are changing way too quickly!

When I asked my father (who up until a year or two ago had never used a computer before) what 4G meant, and he knew that it meant "generation" while I had thought it meant "4 gigs", I got really sad...

I'm constantly asking people, "What is that?!?" and "What does that mean?!?" when it comes to new cultural and technological terms.
It seems like everyday there's a new acronym that I have to decipher!
I'm an Old School Girl in a world that's rapidly changing by the second. 
It's sooo hard to keep up, and sometimes I feel left in the dormant and dated dust....    

* My phone is the LG ENV3 (which I love because it has the keyboard.  I never texted before because it took too long) 
- I hate blackberries and iphones:  I never know how to use them and it has literally taken me 15 minutes to get to my email and make a phone call on one of these!  =P
* I hate MACs.  Everyone says they're really easy to use, but I'm a PC girl at heart. 
* How many freaking IPODS do they need to make?!?!? I only own an ipod shuffle. I have trouble using the normal ipods...
* I don't have GPS.  I only recently switched from mapquest to google maps (and only because I needed walking directions when I was in L.A.): I write out the directions on scrap paper. I will admit it CAN get really annoying....
* I like to use actual take out menus instead of going online to
* I read books and magazines.  I don't like to read things online or on an electronic book reader: I like the act of flipping through pages, being able to underline things, and ripping things out.
* I don't like using certain electronic items because I feel like they're bad for you or wasteful:  microwaves, UV machines in nail salons, blowdryers/heat styling tools, dishwashers
*  I don't download any music or movies:  I go to the library and rent c.d.'s and dvds.
* I don't like downloading programs on my computer.  I've gotten way too many viruses and of course I have no idea what to do when something goes wrong....
* I hate remote controls that have a million buttons~ I just want to be able to turn on the t.v., flip channels, and watch a show!!!!
* I don't have a scanner.... so I take pictures of pictures (haha... so ghetto!)
* I like writing on paper (in pencil/blue ink): I carry around tons of notebooks, I write things on scrap paper, and my life is written out in my infamous planner (yes.... I still carry around a planner)
* I don't follow trends.  If anything, I end up wearing "trendy" items much later when the trend is dead and gone, OR I wear something and I find that it becomes "The next new thing".  Either way after or way ahead, I'm never quite on track when it comes to trends.
* I like hairstyles from childhood: hairbands, pigtails, ponytails
* I still like to put stickers on everything  (ok...maybe that's not old school... just immature)    =D

Not only do I do a lot of antiquated things, I also longingly look back on the "good old days"

I Remember When:
* MTV actually played music videos!?!
* Cartoons were good, had a point, or were entertaining (I learned so much from the old school Looney Tunes cartoons: music, historical references, cultural references)
*Video Games were simple:  Oregon Trail, Word Munchers, Mario Brothers, Bubble Bobble
* People actually smiled and talked to strangers (and you didn't have to worry that they were crazy or dangerous)
* World News wasn't which celebrity is dating which sports star
* Television was more than fat people trying to lose weight, tone deaf people who act shocked when told they're not going to be an idol, and Staten Islanders giving Jersey folk a bad name!!!  (Although I do have to admit t.v. has gotten muuuuch better in the past few years and I'm happy that sitcoms are coming back)
- I miss the t.v. shows that had heart and a message (even if they were corny): Saved By The Bell, Full House, The Wonder Years, Growing Pains.... ahh the shows of my youth
* Movies were more than CGI special effects:  I miss the simple goodness of John Hughes and Gary Marshall movies
* You could buy things for a quarter
* There were Bell Atlantic/AT&T public telephones  (You could have a conversation for a quarter!)
* Mix Tapes/ C.D. Mixes------>  Watch High Fidelity~ the ultimate movie about mix tapes
* Everything wasn't digital
* Polaroids weren't considered retro

Ahhh.. the good old days are long gone, but they still live on lovingly in my memories.
What do you hold onto or look back on?

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*
(Trust me... they go by fast!)

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