Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marvelous Marina and the Diamonds

“I probably have a bit of a different sound
because I don’t really know what I’m doing”

I first discovered Marina and The Diamonds when the extremely talented Makeup Artist Lauren O'Jea  posted the "I Am Not A Robot" song on her facebook page.

I watched the video, and I remember loving all the different makeup looks, but thinking the singer was really quirky and odd.  Her voice sounded kind of funny and the all black makeup kind of freaked me out.
But the video and song definitely intrigued me, and after listening to it a few more times.... I was hooked.

Since I first heard Marina and the Diamonds last Fall, I've become a huge fan.
I think she's a really unique singer, I love a lot of her lyrics, and she makes really interesting videos.
It seems that each week, I discover a song that I like even better than the last one.
I hope you can appreciate her as much as I do!

She'll be performing at NYC's Webster Hall in June~ I can't wait!!!

Here are some of my favorite songs of hers.
Not only are her songs awesome, but so are her videos. 
(I would love to know who her makeup artist is... or if she needs an extra hand~ Marina, call me!")

I Am Not A Robot- Probably my favorite song of hers.  The video has lots of crazy looks (covered in paint, sequins, glitter..... loves it!!!) 
"Better to be hated than loved for what you're not"
"Guess what.... I'm not a robot"

Obsessions- Been obsessed (haha) with this song.  I have a tendency to obsess over things, so I like songs that can relate to OCD tendencies
"We’ve got obsessions. I want to erase every nasty thought that bugs me every day of every week"

Shampain- This song is pretty different from the stuff that's out there.  I think it's one of those you like the more you hear it  (Actually.... that's how most of her music is... at least for me~). 
"Elderly stars slide down the morning sky
Slipping away to find a place to die
I wonder when the night will reach it's end
The sleep is not my friend"
"I feel celestial"

Oh No- A fun and cheeky song. A tongue in cheek song that I can relate to.  I love the cartoonish vibe of this video~ perfect for those of us with ADD.  =D
"I know exactly what I want and who I want to be"
"I'm gonna live. I'm gonna fly.  I'm gonna fail.  I'm gonna die"

Mowgli's Road- This is a little weird when you first hear it.... but I love this song!  The video creeps me out a little (with her fake "Dr. Seuss" type body parts...) but it's interesting and she looks gorgeous.
"There's a fork in the road
I'll do as I am told.
Well, I don't know..... Who I want to be"

Are You Satisfied-  A really great song about... life~*
"High achiever don't you see
Baby, nothing comes for free
They say I'm a control freak
Driven by a greed to succeed
Nobody can stop me"
"Are you satisfied with an average life?"

Hollywood-  I only recently started listening to this song... I liked  it a lot more after watching the video. 
And I totally live in a movie scene.... so much better than reality!   ;)
"Hollywood infected your brain
You wanted kissing in the rain
Living in movie scene Puking Anerican dreams"
"Your mind is just like mine
All filled up with things benign
You’re looking for the golden lie"

Marina~ She's Quirky. Creative. Sassy. Unique. Cheeky. Talented. She's Awesome.

"I'm Marina. You are the diamonds"

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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