Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 Thoughts On Whole Living

I have tons of things hanging on the walls in my apt.
In my bedroom, I have Posters and Pictures, Vision/Inspiration Boards, Calendars, and too many dry erase boards to count (ok, 7 that I can see around me).
Right by my door, I have an ooooooold article (June 2005) from Body and Soul Magazine.

10 Thoughts On Whole Living

1.  Let yourself make small mistakes.  Happiness is not found in perfection.

2.  Healthy food is good for you and the environment

3.  The breath is the link between body and soul.

4.  Don't hold your body hostage.  Allow it to move and stretch.

5.  Meditation is not an esoteric skill- it's a natural instinct.

6.  Rediscover the pleasures of old-fashioned physical work.

7.  Your body sends signals when it's out of balance.  Heed them early.

8.  Become aware of your habits; they may not support who you want to be.

9.  True beauty radiates from joy, wellness, harmony, and inner energy

10.  Life is a series of moments.  Inhabit every one of them.

Most of the time, I never even notice that it's there...
But every once in a while, I like to read it and remind myself of these basic but important thoughts. 
I especially like # 8,9,10
#5 definitely doesn't apply in my life, but I'm sure it would do some good.

Hopefully these little tips will remind you of what really matters and who you want to be~*
Live it up people!

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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