Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's Cookin: The Epicurean Cutting Board

Lately, I've been cooking a lot more.

I usually don't cook too often because I find that it actually costs more and takes more time than it does to just eat out or order in.
( I end up spending sooo much money on groceries that I throw away. It also takes me foreeeeeever to peel garlic~ and I use LOTS of garlic.  Any tips for peeling garlic quickly without leaving my fingers all stinky?)

One product that makes my cooking experiences pleasureable is the Epicurean Cutting Board.
It looks almost like ceramic, but is made from an environment-friendly wood fiber.

Every professional or at-home chef knows the importance of a good cutting board. That's why At Epicurean, we use only premium materials for all of our innovative and highly functional surfaces. Epicurean cutting surfaces are made using eco friendly materials that gain their natural look and texture from the organic contents that comprise them. Each color is composed of a set of fiber sources layered together and pressed along with a food safe resin, to form a sheet that has unequaled food preparation properties. Each color of Epicurean cutting surfaces has slightly different features based on the blend of its sources, though all of them share the fact that they are a wood based kitchen tool that is dishwasher safe.

I have gone through lots of cutting boards that are heavy and become warped/curved/cracked/dented/dirty.
I've tried wood, plastic, glass, thick, and thin~  I've used a lot of different types of cutting boards.
The Epicurean Cutting Board is definitely the best cutting board I've found and I doubt I'd ever switch.

  • This cutting board is very light, sturdy, and durable.
* It is made from a wood product, but it doesn't change over time as most other cutting boards do.
-You should never leave wood cutting boards soaking/wet because they'll warp (which is a problem for me because I always like to keep the soap on dirty dishes for a while).
- I don't recommend soaking this one, but it doesn't change shape like other boards do.
* Most cutting boards can leave stains after using for a while.  The stains don't really change the effectiveness of the cutting board, but I always feel kind of gross when using cutting boards that have stains on them.
- The Epicurean cutting board is much more stain resistant than others.

  • The Epicurean comes in all different sizes. I have the small, medium, and large.   The medium one is probably most convenient to use every day.
  • It's easy to care for: You can wash it in hot, soapy water or put it right in the dishwasher.
I've had my cutting board for years and it's still in great condition.

I made my best friend get one for her wedding registry (I tried to make her get two, but she declined) and I can't wait to taste all the delicious meals her husband will be making with it!

It's definitely not cheap (ranging in price from $12-$35 depending on size), but I promise you it is worth it!
If you're lucky, you can find it on sale at T.J. Maxx/Home Goods, or you can pick it up at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and use the 20% coupon.

So, if you like to cook... or even if you don't like to cook... this is the ultimate must-have in the kitchen.
I'm sure it will make your cooking/cleaning experience so much better!

Happy Cooking!  =D

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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  1. Don't peel the garlic take a whole clove and place the flat part of a chef's knife on it. Then, give it a good whack! It ends up a bit smashed but it is peeled. If you want it whole... soak the cloves in water for a bit. the clove comes out nice and easy and you are LESS sticky :)