Thursday, April 15, 2010

What is "The Price of Beauty"

I have been completely out of the loop on T.V. (and everything else in the world...) these days.
One show that I watch online regularly is Jessica Simpson's "The Price Of Beauty".
Here's a good article from USA TODAY about the show.

I'd been a huge fan of "Newlyweds" back in college (OMG.... she didn't really say that... did she?!?!), and it was sooo sad when they broke up. (I still say Team Nick and Jessica all the way)
Now... Jessica is more mature, single, and emerged as a (seemingly) more Confident and Strong Woman.
( Sheesh.... The media can be soooo cruel.  Such haters!?!   >=T     )

The basic premise of the show follows Jessica Simpson travelling to different parts of the world with her Hairstylist Ken Paves and friend Cacee Cobb.  They go to different countries to see what some of the cultural differences in beauty are, and the lengths that women will go to to feel beautiful.
(Here are some of the crazy things that I've done to be fabulous~*)  

Jessica Simpson is embarking on a world tour...but this time it has nothing to do with music. Jessica, along with her two best friends, are traveling the globe to explore how different cultures define beauty and the extraordinary lengths that women will go to in order to achieve it. In each country, Jessica, Ken and CaCee experience firsthand some of the local beauty rituals. But it's not all fun and games -- Jessica also explores the high price that some women pay to feel beautiful.

As Jessica learns how beauty is defined across the globe, and how she "measures up," and her own definition of the word, she is challenged to redefine it along the way, allowing the audience to see a personal, vulnerable and oftentimes hilarious side of Jessica Simpson.
As Jessica learns how beauty is defined in far away lands, her own sense of beauty, and how she "measures up" is challenged and redefined along the way, allowing the audience to see a personal, and often times, vulnerable and hilarious side of Jessica Simpson.

I was hooked from the first episode when she went to visit Thailand.
Jessica meets with a woman that just wanted lighter skin, but ended up losing so much more.
It was heartbreaking and it made me cry (which is always a good thing in my book).

This show has it all~
- It's really interesting to learn about the different ideals of beauty and see the different perceptions of what is beautiful.
- Jessica has her "Chicken of the Sea" moments.. which I love.  I totally related to her when she couldn't stop laughing in front of a Buddhist monk during meditation   =D
- I really like Jessica Simpson's personality. She seems genuine and down to earth. She's goofy and can be a little "duh" at times... but she really seems to connect with the people and cultures she meets.  And she's terrified of bugs too!  =)
- There are really touching moments where we see how far some people will go to feel beautiful, and the negative affects that can come about from it.

So far, they've travelled to Thailand, Paris, India, Uganda, and Morocco.
I can't wait to see where else they'll go.  You should also come along for the ride!

The Price of Beauty airs Mondays at 10pm EST.

And check out the Makeup Artist for the Opening Credits- Lottie Stannard
Her work is amazing!

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*


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