Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Am Korean American... and Proud of it!

I came upon the I Am Korean American website through Korean Beacon.
It's a great site that features profiles of different Korean Americans.

There are over 1.5 million Korean Americans in the United States. We share many similarities but are each unique and different. I Am Korean American is an online project that showcases the diversity and many interesting personalities of the Korean American community.   

Our goal is to compile a collection of profiles that showcase the diversity and many interesting personalities of the Korean American population. We hope that our collective efforts will provide a snapshot of the Korean American community at this point in our history.

I AM KOREAN AMERICAN is a project of Barrel, a brand and web consulting company in New York.

So I actually thought it was a really interesting site and I immediately sent in my profile in Dec. 2009.
But I didn't even edit carefully or think about what I was writing... So I contacted the person in charge.. and basically asked if I could write over my profile.

I meant to do it ... and thought about it.. but ended up putting it off.. until 2/10/2010 rolled around (I know u don't write the date like that.. but it's a great date and looks cool!) and I saw that my profile was featured!
* How exciting~ I'm Famous! =)   And of course I used the picture that stands out the most... the Infamous "Feather Lashes" Airbrush makeup that my teacher Orlando Santiago did on me (Yeah.. I walked all day and night in NY like that. It was a fun day!)     =)

I kind of wished that I had written a better profile at first.... but when I look back on it.. it's Short, Simple and Sweet.  I think if I actually wrote as much as I usually do..... My personality + the Feather Lashes would have been too overwhelming for most people.  ;)

Any how, the awesome people behind this project have created their own I Am Korean American T-Shirts.
The adult tees are printed on Tultex Fine Jersey T-Shirts, 100% combed ring-spun cotton.
The kids tees are printed on Anvil Best Selling Youth T, 100% cotton.

The shirts originally cost $20, but since I am also an awesome person... I have gotten you a SPECIAL code to save you $6 (even better than their Facebook deal.... Yeah~ That's how I roll)  ;)
The code is   IAKA30  and shirts will probably sell out fast (I'm buying 2) so get yours while you can.

You don't need to be Korean American to buy this shirt.  I have lots of Caucasian and Asian friends that love Korean culture!

So everyone should get a shirt.. and just get a  sticker or fabric paint and cover the "Am" in I Am Korean American with a heart to make "I <3 Korean American"  (and add an "S" so you don't look like a real fob who has bad Grammar)     ;)

So check out the site, read my profile, and get a shirt!
Because Korean Americans are awesome... and because I said so~*


*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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  1. congratulations! loving the pic (are those real feathers??) didn't know you had a twitter! will have to follow. btw - i love reading your posts (not just the beauty ones). :)