Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Last Blog Entry~ Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Hey Everyone,
So if you haven't noticed (which if you haven't, kind of proves my point...), I haven't been writing as many beauty articles as I should.  I haven't even updated as much... and when I did, it was usually about things in my life.  Apparently there's something called a diary  ;)

Honestly, I've changed a lot since being in California.  I realized a lot of things about myself, where I want my career to go, and have found more direction in my life.  One thing that I realized was that I didn't really enjoy blogging anymore.  I hate to say it, but it became like work.  In the past, I was always excited and happy to write~ It was almost like my escape... But at some point... I just felt like I was writing something because I had to.  I don't want to continue to write things because I have to... I think the quality and enthusiasm will suffer.... so I'd rather go out with a bang when I'm very happy and proud of what I've written so far.

I'll still be writing for Korean Beacon and I will update more beauty related things on my Twitter account... so keep reading!  I've basically reviewed my favorite products and must-haves.  If you have any other questions, you can always email me at

I want to give a really heartfelt hug and Thank You to all my friends, acquaintances, and people that have read my blog the past few months.  I looooove recommending products, giving my opinions, sharing parts of my life, and having a place to write about the randomness that is my life.  I really hope that you've gotten SOMETHING out of all my posts.  There's a lot there... Read it, meditate on it, and let it change your life  ;)

I seriously want to thank everyone that's been a part of my blog experience! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!  =)  It's been a ride.   Peace Out, Yo~*

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

Happy April Fool's Day!      =D
Come on.... you should know me by now!  I always tell you how immature I am!!!  ;)
Hope you had a good one! 


  1. I hope you leave it up so I can go back and read... good luck with everything!

  2. awww. thanks lauren!!! I'll definitely be leaving it up... you know how many days of my life I've spent on this thing?!?! =) it'll always be there for u.

  3. Awesome effort, thought, and attention to detail.....way to go on this blog!! Its the only blog i have bookmarked and only the 2nd that i actually follow (of course the other one is my brother's! :-) ) I was honoured to have been shouted out to within the 1st month I met you (that would be Feb 2010! :-))and am looking forward to seeing where all 250++ cards and pick up lines you passed out in LA take your makeup career! :-) Best of luck and ROCK ON!!

  4. I thought it was great. It's sad to see it go. I really did enjoy reading it. You should print it out and keep it as a keepsake for later...

  5. This is an April Fool's Joke...right?

    If not, I'll surely miss you. I know I don't comment often but I do enjoy reading this blog (even if it's regarding your personal life and not beauty-related).

  6. IRENE KIM .. this is not funny!

    anyways ... when'd ya wanna boba tea?