Saturday, April 3, 2010

Everything's Just Peachy- Peach Blushes

I recently wrote an article for Korean Beacon about Blush.

Before...Not only did I rarely use blush... but when I did, it would usually be a pinkish toned one.
My cheeks tended to be on the rosier side, so people would always ask if I was wearing blush.
Now that I'm a Makeup Artist, I do wear blush... and people probably assume I'm wearing makeup (since a hint of bright neon pink cheeks don't really happen naturally)  ;)
However, when I want a really natural looking pretty glow, I love using Peach Blush.

I first started using Peach Blush when I was working for Josie Maran Cosmetics at Sephora.
As their Brand Support, obviously I'm only supposed to use their line of makeup.
They had 3 shades of Blush: Passion (a Pink), Blossom (a Peach),  and Fever (a Mauvish shade).
I found myself being surprised at how much I liked Blossom's Peach color... and I've been using and introducing it other people ever since.

I feel most people don't wear much color on their cheeks, and when they do, it's not usually a peach.  However, I think it's a really versatile color that looks good on almost everyone.
(Those with really dark African American skin may have to find a color that has a lot of pigment or works for your skin tone)

You can use just a hint of Peach Blush on the cheeks to give a natural glow... or use a lot to give you a fresh new glowing look.
If you haven't tried it yet, go to a makeup counter and play around~ You may be surprised at how great you look in Peach!

Here are my favorite Peach Blushes:
Young Blood: Tangier
Josie Maran: Blossom
Lorac: Cheek Stamp Coral

So go try something new... and have a Peachy Keen day!  =)

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*


  1. How do you use GEORGIA PEACH? I can never get it to look peachy on tanned skin. I feel like it only looks good on super pale Asians.

    I really want to check the JM Blossom!~

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