Friday, April 22, 2011

Say Sayonara to Stinky Shoes: Sneaker Balls

"I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes.
 I had one thousand and sixty"
-Imelda Marcos

For the past year or so, I've noticed that my shoes stink!!!
I'm very sensitive to smells (or I should say odors), so it would drive me nuts when I would come home, take off my shoes, and my feet and socks would stink! GROSS!

I would wash my feet every night before going to bed... but the next day, my socks would still reek!

Say Hello to my Funky Friends:
Kate Spade, Pajar, Spyder, and Salvatore Ferragamo
* I have a habit of wearing shoes until they literally fall apart and cannot be worn anymore... many a times have my friends and family pleaded with me to throw out my shoes and get new ones. haha... *

I bought an odor-eating spray that I wasn't diligent with and tried sticking dryer sheets in my shoes~ They didn't work.
About a month ago, I discovered a product that has changed my smelly shoe dilemma forever!

Sneaker Balls deodorizers are designed to take action in those tiny and undesirable places where average air fresheners will not fit.
With the ability to tackle the inside of those smelly sneakers or dirty soccer bags, they are the only air freshener with the ability to get inside where the ugly stuff grows.
Place them in shoes, gym bags, lockers or even your sock drawer.
Sneaker Balls will freshen up even the worst of odors in time for your next activity.

Acquired in 2007, Sneaker Balls come in a variety of styles and scents and are sold in leading sporting goods and sepcialty shoe retailers nationwide.


These little suckers make such a big difference!
It actually makes me happy to take off my shoes and smell the fresh and clean laundry smell of the sneaker balls. 
(It even fragrances the room a little when the balls get thrown on the ground in my mad dash to get out the door!)

So if you have stinky shoes (and even if you don't), these little sneaker balls will make a huge difference.
Your feet and nose will thank you!  =D

"Thank You"

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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