Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm an April Fool- Jokes and Pranks

"We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance"
-Japanese Proverb

It seems that my co-workers and friends didn't get the memo that April Fool's is on April 1.
Lately, a lot of them have been having fun at my expense by pranking me   =P
Although I usually like to be the one playing the prank, I have to admit that practical jokes are fun.

So, if you really want to play an April Fool's Joke on someone, do it after 4/1!  =D

Here is a clip of the prank my friends Josh and Susan played on me the other night.
* Side note: I was ALREADY in a scared mood because we were going to watch a scary movie and Susan had already scared me with the mask a few minutes before!!!!
- I think I was trying to say "Stop!" but couldn't even get the words out.
- As you can see, I was so scared that I couldn't even look or stand up
- Josh found it amusing that I hadn't even really looked at him before screaming.

I am currently plotting ways to get back at them.  The Prank War is ON!   =D

Prank vs. Prank is a You Tube Channel that features a couple that are always pranking each other.
I can't believe some of the stuff they do to each other.... but it's pretty funny.
Here are my two favorite videos from them. 
* How to wake up your hot girlfriend with a fake head
* Girlfriend scares the hell out of sleeping boyfriend

Here's some of my advice when it comes to pranking others:

Don't prank the wrong person:
Some people will get really mad and won't find it funny at all. 
It's not worth it to prank these type of people. 
And don't prank anyone that can get you in trouble or has health issues    =)

Keep it Safe and Simple:
You don't want anyone getting hurt over a prank. 
Make sure it's not dangerous~ You don't want someone to end up in the hospital or jail over a stupid joke!

Don't Dish It If You Can't Take It:
Rule of thumb... If you can't take a joke... don't do it on someone else.
And if you can't take a joke.... Learn to take one. Life is short!


So, go out and prank your friends.  But remember to keep it safe, simple, and have fun!
Happy April.... Fool!  ;)

"I pity the Fool!"

*~ Have a Laughter Filled Day! ~*

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  1. Haha sorry but that was so funny! And the prankvsprank channel is too addicting to watch. You can't stop once you start! :-P